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No sooner had the construction of “Toy Story 5” been announced than Tim Allen confirmed his return to the role of Buzz Lightyear in the original version. But that didn’t ease fans’ doubts about the project.

Toy Story 3 gave us the perfect ending to the trilogy that really brought Pixar to the mainstream world. But that wasn’t enough, even if the 4 and its epilogue-like appearance seemed to put an end to the adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. And Disney President Bob Iger revealed this week that Episode 5 is coming.

Is it linked to the financial losses that were also mentioned at the same conference announcing the financial results for the first quarter? Or a way to make up for the disappointment, critical and public, of the spin-off devoted to Buzz Lightyear, where Chris Evans lent his voice to the hero in the original version?

Anyway, it should be noted that Tim Allen, voice actor of Buzz in the first four feature films, hastened to confirm his return behind the microphone (and in that of the character on the screen) via a tweet.

“See you soon Woody, curious character really depressing who makes me pity. Onward to number 5! To infinity and beyond!”

The actor, seen recently in the series derived from Super Christmas on Disney +, is not the only one to have expressed himself on the subject on Twitter. Many fans have also mentioned this future Toy Story 5, which currently has no director or release date. But to express their skepticism and/or dissatisfaction.

“Nobody wants a Toy Story 5. I still haven’t seen the point of doing the last one when 3 had the perfect ending.”

“Creating a good and original story: mission impossible for Disney!”

Frozen 3 ? Yes, I’m in! Zootopia 2 ? Hmm…interesting. Toy Story 5? You are serious ?”

“Toy Story 5? What the… So destroying the perfect trilogy with 4 wasn’t enough, they just want to make some more money.”

“And so I give this award to Toy Story 5: ‘Congratulations on having absolutely no reason to exist'”

“Great, they’re doing a Toy Story 5. Exactly what everyone asked for. Absolutely not a wasteful way to make more money while people aren’t bored with the Toy Story franchise. How about a one: NO!”

It is true that the project raises many questions, starting with the direction that the saga can take after the ending, admittedly heartbreaking, of episode 4. Especially since the possibility of a spin-off on other toys has took the lead in the wing with the announcement of the return of Tim Allen in Buzz Lightyear. Will we have more details when Tom Hanks reveals, or not, his participation in Woody?

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