Tout Simplement Noir, Les Parfums, L’Ombre de Staline … What films should I watch on VOD this week from November 1 to 8?

Tout simplement noir, les parfums, l'ombre de staline... What films should i watch on vod this week from november 1 to 8?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Thee Wreckers Tetralogy – A rock trip from Rosto

Available on VOD November 1, 2020

Four guys, a group. Four stories, one movie: Thee Wreckers Tetralogy. An exquisite corpse attached to the wanderings of a virtual rock band, where music brings ghosts back to life and revives memories, illusions and sacrifices. A resolutely Rock musical trip, summoning the spirit of artists, at the same time young, old, dead and eternal

The perfumes

Available on VOD on November 3, 2020

Anne Walberg is a celebrity in the world of perfume. She creates fragrances and sells her incredible talent to companies of all kinds. She lives as a diva, selfish, with a strong temperament. Guillaume is his new driver and the only one who is not afraid to stand up to him. Probably the reason why she doesn’t send him back.

Tijuana Bible

Available on VOD on November 3, 2020

Nick, an American veteran injured in Iraq, lives in Zona Norte, Tijuana’s red light district. There, he meets Ana, a young Mexican in search of her brother who has been missing for a few weeks. Together, they will dive into the slums of this city in the hands of drug traffickers.

The ideal culprit

Available on VOD on November 4, 2020

While investigating Sweden’s most dangerous serial killer, a journalist will reveal a state secret.

Shadow of Stalin

Available on VOD on November 4, 2020

For a novice journalist, Gareth Jones is not lacking in nerve. After having landed an interview with Hitler, who had just come to power, he landed in Moscow in 1933 to interview Stalin on the famous Soviet miracle. On his arrival, he becomes disillusioned: anesthetized by the propaganda, his Western contacts slip away, he finds himself watched day and night, and his main intermediary disappears. A source then convinced him to take an interest in Ukraine. Managing to flee, he jumps on a train, en route to an unimaginable truth …

Eva in august

Available on VOD on November 5, 2020

Eva, 33, decides to stay in Madrid for the month of August, while her friends go on vacation. The days pass in a festive and joyful Madrid torpor and are so many meeting opportunities for the young woman.

Champion’s Challenge

Available on VOD on November 5, 2020

Christian, a young football star of AS Roma, is a rebellious, unruly and immensely wealthy player. Following new escapades, the club president must quickly put his champion back in line: if he wants to continue playing, he must study and pass his baccalaureate! Valerio, a lonely and broke man, is hired as a private tutor. They will learn from each other and, between the two, an unexpected friendship will be born …


Available on VOD on November 5, 2020

Rie, a Danish journalist, visits the Copenhagen metro site to carry out a project on European cooperation. But underground, an accident occurs. Rie finds herself stranded in a decompression chamber alongside Bharan and Ivo, two workers. The report turns into a practical case, where everyone must learn to cooperate in order to survive.

Simply Black

Available on VOD on November 8, 2020

JP, a failed 40-year-old actor, decides to organize the first big black protest march in France, but his meetings, often burlesque, with influential figures in the community and the interested support he receives from Fary, do so. oscillate between wanting to be on the front of the stage and real militant commitment …

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