Tourist Refund Scheme – How to claim TRS? List of eligible products!

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs and Australian Border Force run the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS), which refunds GST or WET to leaving tourists. The plan covers items bought from an ABN-registered GST merchant at GST or WET pricing.

Tourist Refund Scheme

You may request a refund of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Wine Equalization Tax (WET) you paid on certain Australian-purchased products under TRS. Make a purchase of $300 or more (including GST) from an establishment sharing an ABN.

Australia Disaster Relief Payment

The TRS is situated at T2 Departures, which is the primary tax and duty-free shop, following customs. The Australian Border Force (ABF) is in charge of it. Except for operational flight crew, TRS is available to all foreign tourists and Australian citizens.

Known as the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS), international travelers (including Australians) can claim a GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalization Tax) refund for some goods bought in Australia employing an aircraft or ship as they depart the nation.

How to claim a refund?

To assert a claim, you have to:

  • Having made a single business purchase of $300 or more (GST included) at a shop or chain of businesses that share an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Acquire merchandise no later than sixty days before leaving Australia
  • Wear or bring the items to the airport as hand baggage (except liquids, gels, or aerosols, as well as large or bulky items that would need checking in), and turn them in at the TRS office with your tax invoice, passport, and international boarding pass.
  • personally covered the cost of the items
  • Own the product’s original tax bills.
  • To ensure you have enough time to submit your claim, it is advised that you pass immigration at least ninety minutes before your departure.

Tourist Refund Scheme

Claim a refund using the TRS App

To make filing a Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) claim even quicker, the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs has created online and mobile applications (apps) for the program.

A QR code with the data you provide will be generated. The TRS claim code you have is this QR code. When you leave Australia, you have to show it to an officer at the TRS facility.

Through the app, you may input:

  • Details of your trip
  • Information about the products for which you are requesting a refund of wine equalization tax (WELT) and/or goods and services tax (GST) and your preferred method of receiving your tax return
  • Additional information is available here.

What are the conditions of the Tourist Refund Scheme?

Refunds are available to you if:

  • You bought the items within the 60 days before you departed from Australia.
  • Your transactions totaling AUD300 (GST included) or more are made from a single company that has the same Australian business number (ABN).
  • For instance, if you purchased goods totaling AUD 300 from a single company, even if they were on several invoices, you could be qualified for a tax refund under the TRS.

The items were paid for by you, the passenger on the trip.

  • At the time of claim, you owned a tangible copy of the original tax invoice for the products.
  • You are unable to submit a claim if you do not possess an acceptable tax invoice.
  • Some or all of your claims may be denied if you are unable to provide a legitimate tax invoice, show some or all of your products to an officer upon request, or produce proof that an ABF officer has signed your items.

Which they have already claimed a TRS refund?

Any items that you bring back to Australia that you or someone person filed a TRS claim for at the time the goods left Australia must be declared. When you return to Australia, you may do this by listing the products in question 3 on your arriving passenger card.

If there isn’t an applicable exception, such as one for personal clothes (furs excluded), you could have to pay GST on items you return to Australia.

This occurs when the total value of those imported items plus any other things for which you are not eligible for a concession beyond the passenger concession allocation.

Why should you shop with your passport in Europe?

Aussies leaving the EU to return home or travel outside the EU may get VAT back. Ask the business about VAT-free pricing while purchasing. You must pay full price in-store, but you may claim thereafter. The minimum expenditure varies per nation.

The French barrier is €100.01, the Italian threshold is €154.95, while the German threshold is €25. VAT refund rates vary per nation but are usually 11–15%. Say you purchase a €150 handbag in France from a VAT-free outlet.

The bag costs €132 after VAT is removed. The store worker will give you a refund form and ask for your Australian passport to confirm you’re visiting the EU when you buy the bag.

What is not eligible for a Tourist Refund Scheme?

The following items and services are non-refundable:

  • Alcohol (beer, brandy, fortified wines, and spirits) and tobacco (duty-free businesses sell these things)
  • GST-free items without GST
  • Australian-consumed goods like food
  • Aircraft and ship safety restrictions include gas cylinders, pyrotechnics, and aerosol sprays (check with airlines).
  • Unaccompanied goods (cargo, international mail)
  • Tours, accommodations, auto rentals, and labor
  • Online purchases brought into Australia
  • Gift cards/vouchers (however TRS conditions must be followed to refund anything bought with them).

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