Top Kitchen Design and Decorating Trends for Spring 2022

A change in season often means a change in our wardrobe. And for design and décor enthusiasts out there, it also means a change in home design and décor. We are obviously not talking about massive alterations and revamps that are both time and cost consuming.

Most seasonal trends are a blend of ideas that are perfect for those planning for new interiors and those looking for smart ideas that will help them transition from one time of the year to another. The move from winter to spring is one of those more ‘prominent shifts’ with all those cozy layers making way for a sunnier and cheerful setting.

Vertical tiles, floating wooden shelves and neutral backdrop shape this functional kitchen

Image: Houzz

Even though we are heading into the last week of April, many regions of the world are only now fully shedding their white winter coat. We are pretty sure that the next two weeks will see us embracing warm weather once again in a more complete manner.

With that in mind, now is the perfect time to share with you guys some of the best and most popular kitchen design trends for spring of 2022. From trending ideas that will serve you well all year long to seasonal colors that reinvigorate the modern kitchen, step in to discover the very best.

Add the Work from Home Desk

The trend was starting to catch on even before a global pandemic hit us hard and forced many to work from home on a more regular, even permanent basis. And if you are still not in on it, then this is a great time to add a little desk to the kitchen for all your work-from-home needs.

Modern workspace added to traditional kitchen

Image: Alair Homes Charlotte

Utilize the corner space in the kitchen as a functional modern home office

Image: Francis Dzikowski Photography

This workspace could be a tiny nook next to the kitchen counter, an extension of the breakfast bar, a carefully revamped corner, or even a relaxing nook by the window that sits between the kitchen and the backyard. This gives those working from home greater flexibility as they get things done around the home while also connecting whenever needed.

Add an ergonomic desk to the kitchen corner for a comfortable home workstation

Image: Sarah Barnard Design

Glossy Tiles and Vertical Tilt

Gone are the days of boring backsplashes and simple subway tiles in white when it comes to kitchen makeovers. The last couple of seasons have seen homeowners and designers move firmly away from the overload of white in the kitchen and toward backsplashes that are far more colorful, glossy, and innovative. Apart from metallic backsplashes, glossy tiles, and custom designs, another popular trend is to simply flip those tiles vertical to create an entirely new and fresh dynamic in the kitchen.

Turn the tiles vertical for a new look in the kitchen

Image: Fireclay Tile

Pink and black is a bold new color palette in the kitchen

Image: YOUR Ceramic House

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Splash of Vivacious Color

Next you have kitchens where the more common and easy-to-execute neutral backdrops are shunned in favor of exciting, bold colors. The idea this spring is to embrace themes and styles in the kitchen that allow you to use brighter color splashes in a more meaningful manner.

Use creative ways to bring bright accent hues into the modern kitchen

Image: Pinney Designs

This means a spurt in styles like tropical, vintage and shabby-chic even as modern kitchens with eye-catching accent hues also give them a close run for the top spot. Do not shy away from throwing green into the mix – a color that you will find more often in kitchens as you head into the latter half of the year.

Neutral modern kitchen with blue island

Image: JPM Construction

Wood, White, and Plenty of Light

This is a look that still works well even as you head into the second quarter of 2022. The white and wood look with an organic backdrop has been around for a while and it continues to hold sway in the first half of the new year as well.

Ceiling beams bring woodsy warmth to this spacious mediterranean style kitchen

Image: Michelle Tumlin Design

Combine this elegant and easy-on-the-eyes look with inventive accents all around to integrate the space seamlessly with open plan living areas. A touch of greenery and smart storage can put the final touches on this trendy dream kitchen.

Small modern wood and white kitchen

Image: Artisan Kitchen & Bath

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Open Shelves Up Top!

This is another trend that you just do not want to skip; not just from an aesthetic point of view but also from an ergonomic perspective. Replace those old and boring upper cabinets in the kitchen with floating wooden shelves for a kitchen that feels much more spacious without sacrificing storage space.

Industrial kitchen with brick accent wall

Image: Ocala Kitchen and Bath

You can now showcase your best kitchenware with ease and while open shelves require a touch more care and attention, they are well worth the additional effort. Clearing up vertical space and allowing for better ventilation; open shelves are the way to go in the 2022 kitchen.

Sleek open shelves in wood create a more spacious looking kitchen

Image: Todd Arenson Construction

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