Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World 3, Thor 4…: the next films to see in IMAX – Actus…

Avatar 2, Nope, Thor 4… in 2022, the IMAX theaters promise you ever more spectacular, beauty and emotion thanks to a busy schedule of event films. Decryption of the advantages of the gigantic format and overview of the next releases.

Top gun: maverick, jurassic world 3, thor 4…: the next films to see in imax - actus...
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A spectacular format

First of all, let’s get back to the starting point: what is IMAX, concretely? It was originally a film format that made it possible to go from the classic 35mm to a 70mm reel: the largest medium ever invented in the history of cinema.

IMAX films deliver 26% more image: where the classic format “cuts” the image in its verticality – IMAX uses a ratio of 1.90 and sometimes even 1.43, thus allowing spectators to see the space traditionally cut by classic formats.

Top gun: maverick, jurassic world 3, thor 4…: the next films to see in imax - actus...

IMAX also uses screens that are up to 40% larger than conventional cinemas: the canvases in IMAX theaters can indeed reach 375 m², or around 2 tennis courts. A show that gives the spectator a complete immersion, regardless of the row in which he is seated.

Beyond the size of the screen, it is the whole room that is created to measure by IMAX. Premium seats, projectors calibrated daily, the most powerful speakers on the market: the design and acoustics of the room are tailor-made to offer a superior immersive experience to the public.

Unparalleled image quality

IMAX is not just an XXL format, it is above all a total visual experience: if we had to compare IMAX film to a classic digital format, we estimate that the definition would be around 18K!

Thanks to the DMR process used in post-production, IMAX increases the image quality of the film tenfold. Everything is magnified by the laser projection system which offers a chromatic range that is as wide as it is precise and superior performance to the bulb projector found in conventional rooms.

The director’s vision preserved

The visual power of the IMAX makes it possible to transcribe a breathtaking image, and above all, the director’s vision. From the power of the sound to the details of the image, the IMAX teams work daily with the filmmaker to ensure that the film preserves its vision in every detail.

Top gun: maverick, jurassic world 3, thor 4…: the next films to see in imax - actus...
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Powerful and precise sound

Perfect sound regardless of the place in the room: this is the promise of IMAX. Always with a view to optimizing the cinematographic experience, nothing is left to chance. The adjustment is meticulous: the precision of the sound is aligned and calibrated every morning. Whether a character is whispering or an entire city is exploding, all of the film’s sound elements will send shivers down the spine of the viewer.


So, what will be the next cinematic events to discover in IMAX theaters?

First, the inevitable Top Gun: Maverick, in theaters on April 19, and punctuated by fighter jet races pushing the limits of sensations. Filmed with an IMAX camera up to the inside of the cockpits, the feature film promises something never before seen in cinema, word of Tom Cruise !

June 8 is Jurassic World: The World After waiting for us on the (very) big screen. Our favorite dinos come back larger than life. From a visual and sound point of view, the franchise carried by Chris Pratt has already proven that it can do it. And this new opus could well be even more stunning!

After get-out and Us, Jordan Peele is back behind the camera to sign his third film. The one who asserts himself as the master of the subtle mixture between horror and committed cinema reveals Boop, from July 22. On the program: a mysterious cloud and an alien invasion for grandiose scenes shot with IMAX cameras.

Also in July, Chris Hemsworth find his favorite hammer to Thor: Love and Thunderwhile Wakanda continues to be explored in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, from November 9th. Finally, the long-awaited Avatar: The Way of the Watersequel to the worldwide success of james cameron which had already pushed the limits of the spectacular in dark rooms, arrives on December 14, 2022.


With nearly twenty theaters in France, the IMAX is developing in the four corners of France. Here is the list of rooms hosting the dizzying format:

Pathe La Villette
Gaumont DisneyVillage
Pathe Square Senart
Pathe Conflans
Pathe Quay of Ivry
Pathe Marseille Campaign Map
Gaumont Toulouse Labege
Gaumont Montpellier Multiplex
Pathe Orleans Saran
Gaumont Reims Vintage Park
Pathe Lyon silk scarf
Pathe Archamps
Gaumont Grand-Quevilly
Pathe Toulon Valletta
Cinema Loire Tours
Cinema Dome Aubiere
Cinema of walking sticks

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