Famileo, a newspaper to share your adventures with your grandparents

With the Famileo subscription, you will be able to put your photos and your adventures on your family social network. Your grandparents will then receive a gazette with what you posted, so they don’t miss any adventures!

A workshop to create a case of 6 bottles of wine

Your grandparents will be able to make their own vintage of wine before leaving with 6 homemade bottles! With a little luck they will invite you for the tasting!

A Storm Glass, the object that predicts the weather

A personalized calendar with your photos

The personalized calendar is a bit like a traditional gift for your grandparents! You can post photos of the whole family so they have a great year.

A personalized family poster from behind

36 €

Mister T-shirt

This is a gift that might make your grandparents cry. All you have to do is send a photo of your family and the artist will take care of everything!

A kit for growing unusual vegetables

A portable fireplace to put inside or outside

119 €

The Refiners

Your grandparents don’t have a fireplace or a stove. To offer them this mini-sized winter comfort, here is a small transportable fireplace, to bring a little warmth to their home.

Le Coq Gourmet, a 100% French gourmet box

33,99 €

Le Coq Gourmet

Do they love discovering local products? With this box, your grandparents will receive French products and a bottle of wine to taste, every month!

A class with a craftsman

For a little originality, opt for a gift to share with a craftsman. On the program: DIY, pottery, beer brewing, terrarium creation… You will be spoiled for choice to spoil your grandparents!

And if you don’t know which workshop to choose, you can also get a Wecandoo gift card from them.

A flight aboard a hot air balloon

Do you want to be your grandparents’ favorite little child? With this hot air balloon flight, it will be a done deal!

If you want to be even more fun, discover our Top unforgettable gifts.

Accessories to embroider with your message

30 €

The French Brief

You can also personalize slippers, pajamas or underwear but that can be weird… We’ll let you make your choice to give your grandparents the best gift!

A disk to master food and wine pairings, the Roue du Caviste

The cheese box of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France

22,95 €

The Cheese Box

One of the best cheese boxes! They will receive 4 cheeses selected by Bernard Mure Ravaud, World Champion Cheesemaker and Meilleur Ouvrier de France to treat your grandparents every month based on Camembert, Mimolette, Rocamadour, Reblochon, Roquefort…

Want more cheeses? Check out our guide to the best cheese boxes.

Plants immersed in vials

20,9 €

The Refiners

It’s simply beautiful. And your grandparents deserve beautiful objects. No need to even water, it’s the perfect gift (especially if your grandparents have Alzheimer’s).

A workshop for making your own perfume

Give this workshop as a gift to make a perfume that suits them and finally put your grandparents’ old bottles in the closet.

An activity gift set for grandparents

With this gift, you will give your grandparents the choice between more than 8,500 activities to share or do alone.

A dictionary of forgotten insults, Foutrebleu!

They are not hyper-savvy in “modern” insults; but they know a lot about those of their time! With this gift, your grandparents will learn even more!

A chocolate box from the 60s

This box of chocolates is special because it brings together treats from the 60s, for a return to the past and a slightly nostalgic moment for your grandparents.

A Himalayan salt stone

A Shows gift box

39 €

Cultur’in the City

You know that your grandparents love going to the theater but you don’t know their tastes or their preferences? In this gift box there are 1,200 shows per month including theater, comedies, mentalism, humor, great classics. The box is valid for three years, they can enjoy it whenever they want.

A set of graters and condiments

A bag to carry the logs

Boxes with gifts from French creators, producers and artisans

Magnetic wooden cubes

A Little Cube, the most personalized of little touches

Are you lacking a little inspiration but want to spoil your grandparents? Here you will have to choose the pattern of the cube, photos and a sweet word to personalize it and a small gift to fill it. And now, voila !

A 1000 piece puzzle to personalize with a photo

An apron to personalize, for budding chefs

An intelligent plant pot

49 €

The Refiners

It happens that your grandparents forget to water their plant, with the intelligent plant pot, you don’t even have to think about it, the plants survive on their own!

A linen hot water bottle filled with wheat

A heated shiatsu massage cushion for the neck, back and neck

A box to have a pepouz aperitif, the Boit’Apéro

An autonomous indoor herb vegetable garden, the connected mini garden

A surprise package filled with happiness, with a balloon and a small gift

19,9 €

Better Than Flowers

A gift that your grandparents will certainly never have received in their life: a helium balloon of the shape and color you want, accompanied by a little sweet note and a surprise (bonus). Too much love.

A kit for growing your mushrooms

22 €

Nature & Discoveries

Your grandparents love mushrooms, but would they do without picking them in the forest? This gift will have their mushrooms growing in just a few days, right before they end up in the pan. They will enjoy themselves!

A poster with the wine list by region

29,9 €

The Refiners

If your grandparents like red, rosé and white, this poster should please them. It bears the image of French wines, a gift for their passion to be exported from the balloon glass to decoration.

And if it’s a huge passion, discover all our gift ideas around wine.

An espresso coffee machine for the car

A tide clock

69,95 €

Nature & Discovery

Because your grandparents are addicted to the weather and the tide. Yes, it’s curious, especially if they don’t live near the sea… Well, the goal is to please them, eh.

A personalized photo album

A personalized gift for your grandparents where you can put all the photos that remind you of the moments spent with them… and even those without them.

If you want more, discover our selection of the best sites to make your photo album online.

A Museums and Monuments gift box

39 €

Cultur’in the City

In this gift box there are more than 250 of the most prestigious cultural institutions (Châteaux de la Loire, Musée d’Orsay, Cité du Vin, Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, etc.). The box is valid for 3 years and your grandparents can enjoy it whenever they want.

A bouquet of Flowrette dried flowers

Dried flowers have come back into fashion and what’s more, they will last a very long time.

If you want fresh flowers, go to our selection of the best online florists.

Personalized socks

An original gift that your grandparents wouldn’t expect. Colorful socks with your face (or theirs) on them. So that you are on their feet all day.

Because these are the best gifts, go to our Top of the best personalized gifts.

A mushroom knife, for picking

A kit for growing a four-leaf clover

A recycled plastic bird feeder

The Little Balloon

19,9 €

The Little Balloon

If your grandparents like to finish the meal with a little scoop, this is the ideal gift! Each month, they will receive two bottles of wine selected by Jean-Michel DELUC, former Head Sommelier of the Ritz.

Also go and discover our selection of the best wine boxes.

A phone case customizable with your photos

A good kitsch photo will do the trick. At least with this personalized case, your grandparents will have their phone back!

A box to adopt vines and receive your wine

45 €

Private Cuvée

You offer an adoption of vines so that your grandparents then receive the vintage from the vineyards in question. A gift idea for ancestors who love good wine.

A small box that also doubles as a photo frame

Your grandparents will have a box that also serves as a frame and 15 photos that you will have printed. Every time they get fed up with the photo, they can change it! A really practical gift!

A personalized couple’s full blanket, for cocooning evenings

An oenology course, so you no longer buy wine at random

Learning is ageless. And if your grandparents have a thirst for improvement, this is a gift they may appreciate.

Trois Fois Vin, the box of great wines from small estates

25,9 €

Three Times Wine

With this wine box, your grandparents will taste great wines from small French estates. A good way to discover the best viticulture in the country.

A Wonderbox gift box with many activities to discover

We doubt that your grandparents will want to skydive but perhaps a getaway to an unusual hotel, a good restaurant or even a more relaxing activity will make them very happy!

A beard bib

A minimalist puzzle, for an original decoration

A leather pétanque bag

47 €

The Refiners

Every good pétanque player must have his professional bag! A gift that will make your grandparents credible… even if their level is not incredible.

Permacool, the monthly organic gardening box

In this box, your grandparents will receive seeds each month to plant with a small practical manual which explains everything there is to know.

We also made you a great guide with the best monthly boxes.

A phone printer that instantly prints photos

99,95 €

The Avant-Garde

A great way for them to make peace with technology. From now on, your grandparents will be able to print photos directly from their phones (cell phones, not landlines).

The BAM box, a balloon filled with confetti with a surprise

12,9 €

Better Than Flowers

A gift for your grandparents full of surprises in just a few clicks! The package contains a balloon to burst filled with confetti and a surprise to discover at the bottom of the cardboard (which you will have chosen from a selection).

A personalized poster in the size of baby at birth

A llama plant to grow

A memory journal to learn everything about your grandmother

A book for your grandparents to tell their story in their own way. To have a beautiful personal biography, black and white.

A kit to brew your own beer

A wine bottle puzzle

Big Mamma’s Italian Cookbook

A personalized poster with the whole family

A gift that will remind your grandparents that they have a wonderful family! Like all personalized gifts, we advise you to order in advance in order to receive it on time.

Hot chocolate bombs, a comforting drink for difficult nights

The survival guide for young grandparents

And yes, becoming grandparents is not always easy. Besides, it’s sometimes even super tiring! This is a guide full of humor and advice to be at the top of the best.

A scratch-off poster with 100 places to visit before you die

19,9 €


“Before dying” it’s not super delicate, you can also turn it into “must see” mode. In any case, this gift will give your grandparents great travel ideas!

A tide clock

A URSSsugar sugar tongs

The book “How not to become an old fart”

Because sometimes, your grandparents get dangerously close… A subtle (or not) way of reminding them to be careful.

A poster “Chez grandpa and grandma”

A cute and tender gift to remind them that they are the best grandparents in the world.

A small password notebook

So ok, it’s not secure at all but at least your grandparents will stop calling you asking for their passwords. Up to you !

A nice set of candle scrapers

39,9 €

The Refiners

Much less bulky and heavy than a raclette machine, this set of candles will offer wonderful evenings with cheese, potatoes, charcuterie and grandparents.

A germination box, for those with a green thumb

39,9 €

The Refiners

The box contains several germination cups, a bottle of fertilizer and a packet of seeds. Your grandparents will have what they need to try their hand at planting!

A box to share your photos and videos in real time on their TV

Are you far from your grandparents but want to share lots of moments with them? With this box, you can send them your videos and photos directly to their TV!

A customizable cushion with the head of your choice

Give your grandparents an original gift by putting your big head on a cushion. It will look great in their living room.

A magnetic hourglass

Des graines de Monilaria

Because it’s way too cute that your grandparents will never have the chance to have one in their house.

A book on the art of farting

If your grandparents still have pee-poo humor, here is a volume that is likely to generate a few giggles: a book on the art of farting.

A magazine subscription

Do your grandparents love reading? Rather than giving them a book, you can also opt for a subscription to the magazine of their choice.

A poster with boxes to open so they can complete their bucket list

A sausage guillotine to personalize

47,9 €


With this guillotine, your grandparents will no longer spend hours cutting sausage and above all, the slices will be thin! Oh and the little extra is that you can personalize it with their nicknames.

A clothespin with integrated lamp, for reading at night

Explain to them that it is not for hanging out the laundry but for reading without turning on the maximum light.

A stupid book of proverbs

Thanks to this book, your grandparents will become real pro’s of stupid proverbs in all circumstances.

A hairbrush for bald people

Your grandfather has had time to get used to this cut over time and he should take it with humor.

A Johnny Hallyday sticker for a bank card

Definitely one of the best gifts you can give your grandparents.

An oven glove that prevents cuts

Are you still afraid for them, especially when you see them handling big kitchen knives? With this glove, nothing can happen to your grandparents. Well, not by hand.

A giant Scrabble game

Are normal letters starting to be a little too small for them? With this giant game, your grandparents will be able to play without limits!

A book with 150 ideas to piss off the world

A book that will give your grandparents a few more ideas for pissing people off. And then, at their age, it passes.

A sheep-shaped toilet paper holder

Did you want the original? Well here it is with this sheep which will allow your grandparents to store their toilet paper rolls.

A superb vintage alarm clock that makes a coffee maker: “The Barisieur”

A seasonal flower subscription with Monsieur Marguerite

The Kube, a personalized reading box

It was your grandparents who gave you a taste for reading. Let them enjoy modernity by offering them this book subscription. Every month, a bookseller with undeniable experience sends 1 book to grandma and grandpa’s mailbox!

Gift boxes for reading lovers

Do your grandparents spend their time reading? With this gift box, they will discover 4 novels and treats inside to combine business with pleasure.

Kisses to Grandpa and Grandma. Also come see our gift ideas for grandfathers and our gift ideas for grandmother, the selections for each of them.