Top 9 worst rumors about stars, good taste is missing

The stars are the center of public attention, and, as people talk a lot, are subject to rumors of all kinds. Most of the time, it’s not very original: “thing is expecting a child”, “thing is in a relationship with thing”, “thing took the bus without paying a ticket”, in short nothing crazy. But every once in a while much crazier, absurd and shocking rumors emerge. There, we arrive clearly in anything.

1. Nagui mutilates horses all over France

The host of France 2 is the man we have been looking for for months, the one who attacks poor horses and kills them with a knife. This huge joke came out last week on the networks and exploded. The rumor was so absurd it was funny, but some people believed it and gossip magazines seriously denied the rumors. Yes yes. The guy may have flaws, but it’s hard to imagine him traveling the roads of France at night to cut up canassons. You have to be a little perched to believe it.

2. Cauet would pass on the Covid on purpose to its employees

The false rumor about Nagui gave ideas to another Internet user who launched a new one, on Cauet this time. He accuses the radio host of doing everything to transmit the Covid-19 to his employees. To laugh, of course, but once again there are people who miss the second degree. For once, Cauet reacted with humor (and too many emojis crying with laughter).

3. Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite

We are on a phenomenon not too far from that around Marilyn Manson: as Lady Gaga has an eccentric style, she is the perfect target for bullshit rumors. The biggest thing about her is that she’s a hermaphrodite. Back when many believed it, around 2009, people were looking at live photos of the singer to try to tell if there was a penis under her panties. The world really has a problem.

4. Angelina Jolie has an incestuous relationship with her brother

Angelina and her brother kissed each other on the lips at the Oscars in 2000. Okay, that’s weird, but there was nothing to make a fuss about. Only, for the whole world, it is clear: Angelina Jolie and her brother have an incestuous relationship. They do more than kiss, what. The reality is much more disappointing since the two are just very close but do not roll shovels every four mornings.

5. Jennifer Aniston has frozen Brad Pitt sperm in her house

The two stars divorced in 2005, but we haven’t stopped pissing off Jennifer Aniston with her ex-husband ever since. Another point on which people do not let go of the actress is the fact that she never had children. So, if we mix these two subjects, we get a shitty rumor: Jennifer Aniston kept Brad Pitt’s frozen sperm at home to try to have a child from him. The worst part of it all is that once again, gossip magazines are treating the subject as if it were plausible.

6. Richard Gere shoved a gerbil up his rectum.

It has long been rumored that the actor was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital to have a gerbil he had inserted into his rectum removed. Richard Gere has denied it several times, but there are still people to spread the rumor. Him, it annoys him, and we totally understand it.

7. Beyonce has kidnapped Sia and is holding her prisoner in her basement.

The rumor-joke, accompanied by a hashtag #SaveSia, explained that Beyoncé forced Sia to write her hits. As usual when it comes to a big joke, there were Internet users to take the info at face value, and basically it makes us laugh that there can be people on Earth too stubbed.

8. Demi Lovato has a twin sister who lives in the basement of her house.

In 2015, under a photo where Demi Lovato was not really looking her best, a user commented: “Demi’s twin sister. She’s been locked in a basement all her life. This image was taken the first time it came out. Her name is Poot. » From there, everyone fed the rumor mill with new evidence to prove this story. Almost everyone did it for fun, but, again, a few people with no common sense believed it. The idiots.

9. Rob Schneider pays migrants to come to his house and smother him

We don’t know much about Rob Schneider around here (he plays the carrier in Mom I missed the planethat is to say…), but we had to talk about this rumor which was born in an episode of family guy but which was taken up everywhere afterwards. It’s so big and absurd it’s funny.

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