Top 9 worst excuses from hunters who did shit

The hunters are really super nice people. Yes, yes, I assure you it’s not even ironic. The problem is that nice as they are, these people full of good intentions, once equipped with a lethal weapon, can commit rather serious accidents resulting in the death of honest people who did not ask for anything . So yes, as nice as they are (really, I insist, they are super nice huh), it can create some little tension to get hit when you’re in your car or in your garden. Unfortunately, their excuses are not whew.

2. The drunk hunter who says, “I don’t usually drink hard liquor. Just a couple of beers at home. I freaked out.”

Realize! This poor man who usually hardly drinks more than 3 beers at home and who FOR ONCE binges and finds himself drunk on the hunt. If you don’t excuse him, you don’t have a heart.

3. The hunter who shot a cyclist 13 times thinking it was a pheasant

Classic move made “on the way”. HAHA. HAHA? Ah, don’t you think it’s relevant to make a pun here? Ah.

4. The 81-year-old hunter who mistakenly fired into a house because part of his gun “got caught in his vest”

And AS BY CHANCE we are not talking about the brand of the vest which obviously produces dangerous clothes for the survival of onlookers.

5. This hunter whose bullet accidentally “ricocheted”

The ricochet as it is called, a great classic of the genre. That’s how a stray bullet went through the door of a house where a young girl was peacefully watching TV. The mayor of Flagy, where the event took place, therefore invoked this very practical reason: “The explanation for these facts is probably a bullet that ricocheted, especially since the environment only shows trees. » If it ricocheted, then no one is guilty, right? If no one is guilty, it’s because hunting isn’t that dangerous. And now, voila.

6. The president of the National Federation of Hunters who argues that “zero risk does not exist”

That’s the best excuse. That way the answer is ready for all future accidents. If zero risk does not exist, well then we know that when the hunters are out we can take lead in the foundation, it’s not their fault. We refer you of course to the worst declarations of Willy Shraen, those that must be read to his children to put them to sleep at night.

7. “Drunk biking is dangerous too” according to Willy Shraen

Yes we talk a lot about him but somewhere, this man is full of resources.

? A specialist in controversial outings, the boss of the hunters has dodged the debate on the consumption of alcohol by those who engage in this activity. The argument: “The drunk bike is dangerous too.”

Posted by Marianne on Friday, September 16, 2022

8. The hunter who wanted to keep shooting after dark because it “didn’t get dark enough yet”

It’s not an excuse that an explanation but it’s no better. At nightfall, a hunter decides to continue his game from the top of his perch, thinking he has the same vision capabilities as an eagle. Except that in fact no, he didn’t have the same vision abilities at all and shoots another hunter believing he sees a boar.

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