Top 9 Weirdest (Yet Some Cool) Airline Concepts

Seen from the ground up, all planes look alike. Except that looking more closely, we discover that, to distinguish themselves from their competitors, some companies do not hesitate to think outside the box. Normal for an airplane, you might say… but it’s still surprising.

1. Kulula Airline: the kidding company

This low-cost South African company has bet everything on prices and humour. The bright green aircraft are covered in bullshit inscriptions, such as the one with arrows pointing to the passenger windows, which says “the coolest peeps in the world”, in reference to the ladies who waddle in the windows of peepshows. It’s unclear whether staff are recruited for their humor, but safety instructions and other in-flight messages are often well crossed out. For example, just before dimming the cabin lights, the captain may announce “Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to dim the cabin lights, this for your comfort and… to improve physical appearance. members of our crew!” Or the pilot just after landing exclaiming “Woooooohhhhh easy Jolly Jumper!”.

2. Air Malta: integrated spa and massages

Generally, only Business class and other VIPs on board can hope to be pampered during the flight. Except on Air Malta which, since 2015, has offered all its passengers, including those in eco, to have a massage during the flight, or to request a manicure, even on short journeys. On the other hand, according to the latest news, hair removal is still not on the program.

3. KLM: consult passengers’ Facebook or LinkedIn profiles

In 2011, the Dutch company affiliated with Air France had the idea of ​​offering its passengers the opportunity to consult the Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile of the people on board, in order to best choose their flight neighbours. The idea was to take advantage of the duration of the trip to meet… professional people. We still hesitate to know if it’s a brilliant idea, or a real shitty idea.

4. VietJet Air: stewardesses in swimsuits

Since 2012, the Vietnamese low-cost airline has offered a “bikini crew” bonus on certain flights, with a parade of hostesses in undress, obviously in the colors of Vietnam. Yes, it’s rather degrading for the image of women and for these unfortunate air hostesses, but a priori it doesn’t seem to bother them too much.

5. Germanwings: the mystery destination

In 2014, 1 year before its reputation took a hit after the crash of one of its planes, the German company imagined a concept of blind tickets at the single price of 50 euros. For this fare, passengers boarded without knowing their destination. They had just selected at the time of their reservation, a theme among those proposed, such as Party – Sun and beach – Nature – Gay Friendly – ​​Culture and shopping or even Trekking. Over 90,000 blind tickets were sold in the first year alone.

6. EVA Air: for Hello Kitty fans only

Imagine traveling on a plane where every detail, from toilet paper, to food, to the interior and exterior decoration of the aircraft, is in the effigy of the character of Hello Kitty. It looks a little stupid like that, but replace Hello Kitty by, at random, South Park and immediately, the concept has much more interest, doesn’t it? No… okay.

7. Misal Air: the naturist company

In 2008, a travel agency decided to launch the first (and last) airline reserved for nudist passengers. The flights only made the connection in the summer between the city of Erfurt and a famous seaside resort on the Baltic Sea. Obviously, passengers had to board fully clothed and remove their clothes once the access doors were locked. A priori, they still had the right to keep their socks. We are still in Germany.

8. Air New Zealand: sleeper seats in economy class

Gone are the days when, to sleep, you had to tilt your seat until it was level with the knees of your back neighbour. On Air New Zealand, it is possible to take advantage of the Skycouch concept on certain flights, which consists of transforming 3 seats side by side into a comfortable bed for two adults and a toddler. And no, it is not possible to invite a stranger to test the concept during the flight.

9. La Compagnie: massage seats and starred meals

While waiting to one day be able to fly in a private jet, you can experience a VIP trip on La Compagnie, a French company, which only offers 100% Business Class flights between Paris and New York. On board, in addition to the usual services of the range, you will enjoy massage seats, meals cooked by a starred chef and a tasting of wines selected by a sommelier. In short, what to put you well while waiting to touch Earth.

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