Top 9 Weirdest School Bans Around The World Are Freaking Out

The school is an eternal ground of renegotiation of freedoms and even if we all share a bundle of memories of primary school, the time we spend in this establishment will mark us for life. Especially when we are imposed completely chtarbés laws.

1. Preventing school children from having a best friend

No it’s not a joke and it’s in England that it’s happening. This measure, which has been taken in several schools, would be justified by the fact that too close friendships would inevitably end in the pain of separation. Basically, the idea is to promote groups of friends in the absence of having a single friend. Wow, not convinced.

Princess Charlotte is not allowed to have a best friend at her new school. And it’s not a rule imposed because of his membership in the royal family.

Posted by Closer France on Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2. The Frozen Pea Punishment

A very nice thing we found in China to punish students. We put them on their knees and under the little knees, we put frozen peas (so very hard) and we let it rest all the time it penetrates. So certainly it must be painful, but above all you really have to be twisted to have such an idea. Not to mention the mess of frozen peas, a tragedy.

3. High schools in Japan have banned access to school children who have veuch coloring.

Well at the same time it’s not the most surprising thing, there’s no doubt that some chic private high schools aren’t very fond of neon pink manes. Still, this measure becomes a bit absurd when students are asked to prove that their color is natural, as would have been done in 57% of higher establishments in Tokyo.

Stranger on the other hand, it is the high schools that have… authorized students to choose the color of their panties and to sneeze more than three times. Yes. Obviously these were old remnants of ancestral laws that have finally been repealed.

4. The New York Department of Education wanted to ban a bunch of words considered potentially offensive for students

Except that the list is a bit long, we honestly wonder what they smoked. I’m not going to give you the entire list here, but basically it boils down to this: “drugs”, “birthdays”, “cancer”, “divorce”, “dinosaurs” (so as not to shock the children of education creationist). In short, a priori it did not go beyond the recommendation in any case no source confirms that this ban did indeed take place, so let’s rejoice. (Source)

5. No more red ink in Australia and UK

If the corrections in red ink rocked our childhood with bloody traumas, more and more schools today reject this method which they consider too violent psychologically for the child. Well it’s still okay, don’t kidding us, we didn’t die of a correction with a red pen either. Anyway, we will have to say goodbye to red and get used to more relaxing colors like green or purple. Until we are again traumatized by these colors because in fact it’s not so much the color that counts, it’s the correction, right?

6. A school in England banned pupils from lifting their finger

A decision that would be explained by the fact that raising your hand appears to be a backward act that does not help students to participate actively in class.

Instead, they asked their students aged 7 to 11 to put their thumbs up. More discreet, this new sign appears as a solution to calm inattentive pupils (…)

Posted by Magicmaman France on Tuesday, October 11, 2011

7. Prohibition of throwing students in Avignon

And the worst part is that it’s not even a playground practice… It’s the parents who have gotten into the habit of throwing their kids over the playground gate when they’re late. Yes Yes.

“Parents who arrived after the bell literally threw their children away,” explains the director. Posters have been posted in front of the school to prevent recidivism.

Posted by Le Point on Monday, November 9, 2020

9. A rule prohibiting school children from breathing for an hour if they had below 12 at their control

A truly astonishing ban that was born in Borderie, a Balkan country, and which should soon conquer the rest of Europe. Indeed, the disappearance of poor students who died of asphyxiation has enabled schools across the country to keep only good elements within their establishment and therefore to raise their success statistics.

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