Top 9 tricks used by IKEA to make you buy stuff

Ikea is much more than a store. Already it has become a Swedish first name. But especially beyond a vulgar merchant of furniture, Ikea is a whole philosophy of life (yes, yes, read the philosopher Sigmund Ikea you will understand). And like any philosophy of life inherent in a furniture store, it is mainly about using levers to ignite our unquenchable thirst for consumption. We examine this with double-focal glasses.

1. Put lots of decorative details in the layout of their rooms

Yes well you would have guessed it but in fact all this little staging is not used to show you that the designers of Ikea have more taste than you but rather to make you a tangy display of a whole bunch of useless little odds and ends but which all of a sudden will seem indispensable to you.

Top 9 tricks used by IKEA to make you buy
Picture credits: Topito

2. There will be no windows or wall clocks

Classic casino technique: make you lose all sense of time. The thing that I personally find funny in this tactic is to wonder what they are imagining by implementing this kind of tactic. Like guys do you think people are going to stay in your shops? That they won’t have the time on their phone? That they’ll forget to go home to bed? Fake.

3. Guests have the right to pay themselves a small amount in the beds

And when I say “to pay” it’s a way of speaking. Because in fact, THEY DON’T PAY AT ALL!

Well in fact it’s not that simple, calm down. It is above all that Ikea has partnered with AirBnb to launch event operations aimed at bringing customers into their pretty rooms. And of course you also have the right to fall asleep in the middle of the store if you want.

4. We have one year to bring back our purchases if they don’t suit us

HAHA but you know someone on earth who has already done this?

5. Put (good) restaurants in their stores

It’s true that Ikea stores are among the few stores to which we know that we will allocate a food budget (including 60% for the deer cake). But this strategy is not insignificant, the customers of a store will necessarily be better customers with full bellies. Because when you’re hungry, you don’t want to wander 8 years in the soap dish shelves. And that is unfortunate.

6. Salespeople will never offer to help you.

And yes, it’s one of the little secrets of Ikea sellers. And against all odds, can you imagine that this stubbornness in not getting in our way is also part of a commercial strategy aimed at letting customers make their own decisions and never interrupting their “journey” in the fabulous universe of fake house pieces. Well, if you ask a salesman for help, he won’t shoot it with real ammunition either. Breathe.

7. The labyrinthine construction of the store is not an artistic delirium

NO NO JOKES. Yes well, I’m certainly not teaching you anything and as you have certainly understood, this labyrinth of hell is simply used to make you pass and pass back to the same place just to let you flinch once and for all by this broom- brush.

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Picture credits: Topito

8. We are all victims of the Ikea effect

Yes yes, cognitive psychology has even appropriated the brand to describe the pleasure one has in buying dismantled furniture that one will assemble oneself. It may be hell for everyone, the satisfaction we get from the failed assembly of this wardrobe will make us very happy.

9. Baskets filled to the brim are supposed to put glitter in our eyes.

You know when you walk through a store and you see huge baskets filled with the same products (soft toys, ears or whatever), in fact it’s a way of making you believe through this presentation that the products sold are cheap. Well in real life, they are not very expensive of course, but still you are not going to get it for free.

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