Top 9 tips to stop being scammed by your landlord (or agents…

Although rents are now governed by the Alur law, many landlords continue to abuse them seriously, especially in Paris, Eldorado of the maid’s room mafia. These scams mainly concern small housing, that is to say those reserved for students or RMIstes, in short those who will not necessarily take the bull of the property by the horns of justice (yeah I know it’s beautiful when I write, do not hesitate to take notes). So here is a little recap of things to know when you are a tenant or when you are looking for an apartment to be fooled more.

1. The landlord must rent you a “decent” apartment

It sounds crazy, but if there’s fungus on the bathroom walls, or a leak in your bedroom, it’s not your problem, it’s your landlord’s. In the same way, the equipment provided must work otherwise it is for his apple.

Top 9 tips to stop being scammed by your landlord
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2. He can’t just walk up and say “Hello, it’s me, are you paying for your coffee?”

Well yes, it does happen though. If so, the next time he shows up, give him a nice middle finger. Unless of course your landlords are your parents, in which case you are strongly recommended to welcome them so that they can tidy up your room and feed you.

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3. You have the right to hammer nails into the walls

Or repaint them in neon pink if you like. The tenant can arrange the apartment as he wishes without the agreement of the owner, as long as this work does not involve a major transformation of the place. Likewise, the landlord doesn’t have to require you to plug the holes with chewing gum. On the other hand, you will have to put things back to normal when you leave and for the biggest jobs put away your hammer, if you want to blow up a wall, for once you have to ask. Hothead, go.

4. During a visit, the lessor cannot request a blood sample from candidates for rental

Nor a naked photo of your mother. Joking aside, the lessor can ask for a work contract, last 3 payslips, last 3 rent receipts, ID, all that stuff. And that’s already not bad. On the other hand, if they start asking you for a marriage contract, a vital card, a RIB, a family record book or a certificate of absence of current credit, you have the right to lower your pants and show your buttocks as a of disagreement. Unless the lessor is a child, in which case abstain.

5. The security deposit = open door to heavy smoke

From now on, the security deposit cannot exceed one month’s rent (excluding charges) for unfurnished rentals, and two months for furnished accommodation. If you are asked for more, you can report the fraud on the Happy renting site.

1662401980 24 Top 9 tips to stop being scammed by your landlord
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6. No agency can ask you for money to get priority ads

It’s the number one scam (yeah in English itself) for the little youngsters who arrive in the capital. If you come across this kind of site, don’t hesitate to send an insulting email to which no one will ever answer you. But sometimes it feels good to send an insult email.

7. The owner has one month to return your security deposit in full

Beyond this period you are entitled to claim a 10% penalty per month of delay AND TO MAKE YOUR BALLS IN GOLD WITH ALL THIS SICK POGNON. Unless, of course, you burned down the apartment on purpose. Be aware, however, that one owner out of three generally “forgets” the refund of the security deposit, so don’t give up.

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8. You must be kept informed of the energy consumption of your home

And if we don’t give it to you, you even have the right to ask for it, isn’t that pretty? Well, most of the time nobody cares but in fact this sheet lets you know if your electricity bills will be equal to the amount of the rent, so it can be interesting.

9. He can’t tej you because you’re black, fat, lesbian, in a wheelchair or redhead

Racial, physical or religious discriminations are unfortunately commonplace (well yes it’s true what, sometimes savages would go and slaughter sheep in the living room). It is possible to report them and file a complaint, but you still have to be able to prove it because the landlord won’t have fun saying that he doesn’t want you because he doesn’t like your face, but that’s good which happens in the majority of cases. Even so, the more the discriminated complain, the more it will lift the veil on these practices of mangy dogs.

Otherwise, very quickly we give you some advice to avoid a few missteps when you visit an apartment, the ultimate guide to good manners with landlords.

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