Top 9 Stuff That Looks Fake In Movies But Is Really Real

Lightsaber, underwater ships that start flying with propellers, guns with infinite magazines, explosions of all kinds. The cinema spends half its time showing us things as huge as Carlos who ate Pierre Ménès. But sometimes what seems absurd is actually plausible. You have to know how to open your mind.

1. Oddjob’s killer hat, in Goldfinger

We remember Oddjob, the big smiling Asian who served as a prodigy foil to the evil Goldfinger in the James Bond of the same name and killed his victims with his bowler hat whose edges were as sharp as a razor. And it seems nonsense, except that it is not. A YouTuber had fun rebuilding the weapon, and it turns out that if you throw a hat whose brims have been reinforced with sharp metal, you’ll shoot absolutely anything.

2. Rebelle’s Curved Arrow

At the World Archery Championship in Rebel, Merida lands a big shot, firing an arrow into the center of the target which rips another already present arrow in half. And the arrow to contort all along its trajectory like a drunk guy. It’s pretty, and what’s more, it’s fair enough on the art of archers. This is also called the archer’s paradox: to hit a target, an arrow must go around the handle of the bow and the archer is forced to aim next to the target, the arrow then dancing a pasodoble until to crash where it was supposed to.

3. The gun from No Country for old men

In the film, Javier Bardem imposes his filthy hairstyle on all the people he is going to kill and then relieves them of their hair pain by using a kind of compressed air gun that puts holes in people’s heads. Except that this weapon exists: it’s called a kill gun and it’s a tool often used to finish off large animals. The projectile enters the animal’s head and then returns inside the chamber. But kill guns have also been used many times to kill real people. There are plenty of miscellaneous facts, but I’ll let you search because we’re not here to play Let the accused enter.

4. The fridge that allows Indiana Jones to escape a nuclear explosion

Everyone laughed at the screenwriters of Indiana Jones IV, because, between us, who could have written something as stupid as the opening scene in which Indiana survives a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge. Then, the fridge is sent to the end of the world and Indiana Jones gets away with it. And yes, it’s stupid stupid stupid. Except it’s possible. Sisi, for real. The guys at Reel Physics, who test a lot of stupid movie stuff to see if they’re technically possible, have proven it. We spare you all the complex gibberish, the equations and all the stuff, but basically in a lead fridge, Indiana Jones could have survived. Afterwards, that does not prevent the film from being a beautiful crap.

5. Bond’s downfall at the start of Goldeneye

James Bond arrives. He does a bungee jump from 300 meters high and, when the bungee reaches the end, he uses a grapple gun to tow himself on the ground. Pay your discretion. But it is technically possible. It’s once again the guys from Reel Physics who prove it. They measured the power needed to pull off the maneuver, and it turns out that a human is capable, under these conditions, of resisting the retraction force of the rubber band, even with a pourave gun that he is holding in his hand. hand. And yeah guys.

6. The Joker’s truck flipping over in The Dark Knight

And yeah, them again, Reel Physics again. Well, the scene, we remember it more or less well. A guy wearing a mask drives on a motorcycle with very big wheels: he rushes towards the truck of a guy who doesn’t know how to wear makeup, throws a kind of grappling hook which he then hooks to street furniture and, when the cable arrives at the end, the truck turns straight over, suddenly. It looks like anything. And well no. Our favorite scientists have demonstrated that the scene is absolutely and perfectly real in terms of physics. Good after, you have to learn to aim, what.

7. The bomb rescue in Lethal Weapon 2

Dany Glover poops. But there’s a bomb in his toilet and if he gets up, everything blows up. Here he is condemned to remain seated on the basin in search of a solution. Fortunately, Mel Gibson, who is not half a jerk, has the idea to fuck liquid nitrogen in the detonator to delay the explosion, which allows the two accomplices to hide to avoid the explosion. But would it work in reality? At first, yes. It takes two seconds for the guys to protect themselves from the explosion, and pouring the nitrogen into the detonator would actually delay the explosion by 15 minutes.

8. Moana’s Wayfinding

Moana does a weird thing to get her bearings: she puts her hand in front of her head to measure the stars and learn where she is by knowing where she’s been. Not very clear and not very practical, except when there’s no 4g. Except that this thing is actually a real way to get your bearings used by Tahitians for centuries and centuries. It is a question of measuring the altitude of the stars that we know by knowing their location. Something a bit complicated, but it works, sisi, I promise.

9. People who love each other forever like in all romantic comedies

Yeah I know it sounds crazy, but I have an aunt’s uncle of a friend of mine who knows a couple and well they’ve been together for 45 years and it’s going well. Afterwards, they have money too.

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