Top 9 stars who were part of a cult, less nice than the jet-set

We often hear about creepy cults with creepy stories but we rarely imagine that people we know can be part of them. It can be your neighbor next door, your great-uncle, but also celebrities. Many times these organizations aren’t considered cults in all countries and so it’s perfectly legal to join, but quite frankly, it doesn’t sound like super fun.

1. Joaquin Phoenix and the Children of God

Shortly before the birth of the future Joker, Joaquin’s parents decide to join the sect of the Children of God with their two children, River and Rain. They then become missionaries abroad: their mission is to evangelize the population in South America. In 1974, Joaquin was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in the atmosphere of this sect of hippies, but fortunately it didn’t last long. In 1977, the actor’s parents decided to leave the sect because of overly strict rules and certain revolting practices such as flirty-fishing, a method of prostitution to attract future followers. Nice, right?

2. Allison Mack and NXIVM

If you watched Smallville, you probably remember Allison Mack who played Chloe Sullivan in the series. Since 2017, the actress has been in the news since it was revealed that she was part of the NXIVM sect (pronounced Nexium). In fact, the actress was even the right arm of the cult’s guru and was responsible for recruiting women to become sex slaves. Great atmosphere. In the end, Allison Mack was only sentenced to 3 years in prison because she helped the authorities by providing information during the investigation.

3. Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology

Since the late 1980s, Tom Cruise has been a member of the Church of Scientology, a sect accused of brainwashing. Tom Cruise has often been accused of proselytizing but also of abandoning his family in favor of the sect; it was to protect their daughter Suri that Katie Holmes filed for divorce in 2012. Today, Tom Cruise lives very close to the new headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Florida with his two eldest children, Isabella and Connor, adopted with Nicole Kidman. The latter has completely cut ties with her ex-husband and her children, just like Katie Holmes and Suri who wish to live far from Scientology.

4. Jaden Smith and Orgonite Society

When they were teenagers, the children of Will Smith founded a kind of sect called Orgonite society. In reality, it is a cult group with rules based on the beliefs of the Indian guru Osho but also around what is called Orgone: the Energy of Life. Fortunately, this sect has remained at a very innocent stage: teenagers who believe in the energy of stones and experiment in their garden.

5. Serena Williams and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

We always ask ourselves a lot of questions about Jehovah’s Witnesses and we easily forget that this community has more than 8 million members. So inevitably, there are also celebrities in the lot and Serena Williams is one of them. The tennis champion has repeatedly confided to journalists that her exploits were not only due to her efforts: according to her, it is thanks to God that she succeeds so well in what she undertakes.

6. Val Kilmer and Christian Science

From an early age, American actor Val Kilmer has been a Christian Scientist, which means that he is a follower of “Christian Science”. Simply put, Christian Scientists believe that sickness is just an illusion of the mind, a kind of divine punishment that can be cured by prayer. In 2015, he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer but Val Kilmer reportedly refused treatment. Today, he tells anyone who will listen that it is thanks to prayer that he no longer has a tumour. It would still be really handy…

7. Angus T. Jones and the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Angus Jones is a 27 year old American actor. Does his name mean anything to you? It’s normal. And if I tell you it’s Jake in My uncle Charlie ? There, it’s him. After filming the series, Angus joined a very particular sect: the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Seventh-day Adventists must respect a very large number of fundamental beliefs which are based on the Bible, of course, but they are very attached to freedom of conscience and the dignity of the person. It’s already better than in other sects.

8. Michelle Pfeiffer and Breatharianism

When she was still very young and had just arrived in Hollywood, the Catwoman actress let herself be taken into a cult without even realizing it. The followers are called “Bretharians” or “Respiriens” in French and the goal is to fast as long as possible in order to live solely on air and light. According to followers of the movement, human beings do not need to drink or eat as long as they are “connected to the energy that exists in everything”. We want to see.

9. Rose McGowan and the Children of God

Like Joaquin Phoenix, Charmed Rose McGowan actress was part of the Children of God cult when she was just a child. The actress grew up in the sect in Italy with her family: she lives in a huge house with dozens of other families who advocate free love and conversion to Christianity. When Rose is 10 years old, her father realizes that the sect is dangerous: he is afraid that his daughter will be sexually abused and decides to leave the sect with his children and return to the United States. Rose told reporters she still remembers the day she had to run through the fields in the storm to flee the community.

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