Top 9 Stars Who Got Clashed On Twitter (And It Was Deserved)

We know it well: there are stars not to piss off on Twitter because you can quickly get a blowback in the face. There are plenty of funny stars on Twitter, but we must also admit that some clashes are well deserved. If you love dramas, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Elon Musk would have done better to shut up.

A few months ago, Elon Musk said on Twitter “I completely support trans people but all these pronouns are a visual nightmare”. Many people replied to him and we could see this very funny tweet saying “Your child’s name is a code for a 30% discount what are you talking about? “.

2. Kim Kardashian is never discreet

In October 2020, Kim Kardashian tweeted about her birthday party, saying, “I realize this is something that is impossible for a lot of people and it’s times like these that I realize how much I I am privileged”. Amazing to share this kind of content during a global pandemic and a containment in the United States. This is what actress Kelechi Okafor wanted to highlight by tweeting “Happy birthday. I hope someone has given you a reading manual so that you learn to ‘read the room’ (observe the atmosphere to realize that it is not appropriate).

3. Worst comparison in the world

In December, an English politician (David Kurten) tweeted “Lions don’t wear masks”. Many comments pointed out that this comparison was ridiculous and one doctor responded with an article: “four lions tested positive for Covid in a zoo in Barcelona”.

4. Justin Timberlake’s clothes

“Who wears it better: Justin Timberlake or Mac OS Sierra? »

5. Kylie’s overpriced makeup

American star Kylie Jenner launched her make-up brand “Kylie Cosmetics” in 2014 and we can say that these are not the same prices as at Kiko. A user tweeted in 2017 “The only person who can afford Kylie Jenner’s box of makeup brushes…is Kylie Jenner”.

6. Booba the king of drama

We all know that Booba loves provocation and dramas of all kinds on social networks. He attacked half of the French rappers and even clashed with Squeezie and Mister V (who hadn’t asked for anything). Obviously, he is often rebuffed and it is always well deserved. Here, it is La Fouine who answers him, jaded, on Twitter.

7. Jake Paul gets snubbed by the Queen of Vine

Jake Paul is a very controversial American influencer and Chloé Lmao is the creator of one of the most famous vines on the internet. In a video on Twitter, Jake Paul reproduces this Vine and Chloe replies “Hey Jake! It’s my Vine! I would tell you to tag me next time but there will be no next time, stop using my content”. Jake responds with the same video but giving the middle finger at the end. Chloé then responds with a last message: “I would reproduce one of your iconic moments, but these are all horrible moments that have been denounced. “.

8. Anthony… you shouldn’t do that…

9. Diplo gets put back in place by Lorde

In 2014, Diplo posted an extremely inappropriate tweet saying “Someone should Kickstart Taylor Swift to buy some ass.” Below the tweet, he then shared the link to a real fundraiser for people to donate (creepy) money to. Singer Lorde responded with a scathing tweet: “We should do something about your little dick while we’re at it.”

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