Top 9 secret information about Queen Elizabeth II, gossips galore

In addition to being endowed with a rather stunning sense of humor, having been on the throne of England (the real one) for 70 years (just that), Queen Elizabeth II is also a little secretive… OMG SORTEZ LE POP- CORN, IT’S GOSSIIIIIIIIIIPS TIME!

1. His bag is used to communicate

We have all already developed dubious techniques to get out of certain embarrassing situations, such as simulating an important call to quickly get out of a date. Well, Queen Elizabeth also has her little techniques. According to royal historian, Hugo Vickers, she uses her handbag to communicate, discreetly, with her staff. If she passes it from one hand to the other: she is ready to stop a discussion. If she puts it on a table: she plans to leave, in the next five minutes. Hey hop, the case is in the bag!

Note that if Kate Middleton holds her bag with both hands, it is to avoid handshakes with guests and fans. A polite way to be fundamentally impolite, then.

2. His wedding ring, a sign of urgency

The handbag allows her to express a wish. On the other hand, if she begins to twist her wedding ring, you have to act quickly, very quickly! The rotation of the ring signifies that she wishes to cut short a discussion, without any delay. ANY. Ftg.

3. An alliance, always full of secrets

In her book “A Portrait of the Duke of Edinburg”, royalty expert Ingrid Seward claims that an inscription, inside the Queen’s wedding ring, is unknown to all. Apart from the engraver, Elizabeth II herself and her husband, no one ever knew what was written. Here’s something to whet our curiosity… We hope, suddenly, that it’s not a boat thing like initials or an old “carpe diem”… We would be really disappointed.

4. She married her cousin

Okay, his third cousin. But still, that means they had the same great-great-grandparents. AND THE WORST is that these great-great-grandparents (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) were themselves…first cousins. Uh, am I the closed-minded one, or is this story getting really creepy?

5. They secretly got engaged

Obviously, for a question of age. Allow me, from now on, to think that it was perhaps also a little for reasons of now obvious consanguinity. Anyway, I’m fantasizing, but what is certain is that their union remained secret for three years. The palace would have waited for the 21 years of the queen (still a princess, at this time) to make the official announcement. “To live happily, live hidden” goes the saying. I would tend to say “family first” in this context….

6. The queen had a little love nickname

“Cabbage” is the affectionate name given to him by the late King Philip. Translate “cabbage” into French. A delicious little pastry or a vegetable that is very good for the memory. We really hope that the explanations are these, and that he did not attribute to the queen other side effects of this vegetable, a little less glam…

7. She’s a bit stingy

According to the words of Angela Kelly, dresser of the queen, Elizabeth would be very thrifty. In particular, she asked the seamstress to choose low-cost fabrics, to make the dresses as chic as possible. During a trip to Singapore, during which Angela buys clothes for her majesty, the latter demands to be reimbursed for all the taxes on the fabric. His argument: “I am the queen”. It holds up, indeed.

8. A daily shot of gin

Every day, before lunch, the Queen of England would serve herself a small Cocktail of Gin and Dubonnet. You’re right Lizzy, don’t get discouraged!

9. An underground passage allows the queen to go…to the bar!

The Queen doesn’t just drink Gin… She’s also a big fan of Martini! And what better way to sip it than to go straight to “Duke’s Bar” in London, renowned for making the “best Martinis in the world”? Not easy, when you’re queen, you say? Well, imagine that if the queen goes there regularly, thanks to a small tunnel which would connect Buckingham to this empire of cocktails. The love of drink, leaning on the bar is priceless, it’s official.

And there are still many things to know about Elizabeth II, this colorful Lady! Yes, I see you coming, blablabla we already know everything nanananana… euuuuuh, so you already knew that she was a photo bomb pro? I don’t believe naaaa

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