Top 9 proofs that our government is super green, fortunately they are there

A poll fell in the press just this morning and the finding is clear: 70% of French people believe that the government is not doing enough on the issue of global warming. Already that means that the majority of French people are beginning to realize that this is a matter of primary urgency, but suddenly it also means that 30% of people think that the government is doing well. Who are they? What are their networks?

In order to prove to you that President Macron’s government takes the mess very seriously, I’m going to give you some proof right now, watch out, let’s go.

1. The 2015 Paris Agreements

Following COP21 in 2015, the French government had committed to reducing its sectoral emissions by 9% until 2019, except that when it was time to report these emissions had only fallen by 3.7%, demonstrating that France had not made the necessary efforts for which it had committed itself. So yes, it’s not enough, but 3.9% is fine, it’s already frankly not bad, isn’t it?

2. Jean Castex who took private jets to act faster

We can say what we want from the government but things are not dragging on. When Jean Castex had to act, he did it as quickly as possible by getting into the first private jet found, even if it was just to go and vote. This is something we miss about Jean Castex, his ability to always show us that he was capable of more mediocrity when we thought he had hit rock bottom.

Top 9 proofs that our government is super green, fortunately they are there

3. The glyphosate ban

So yes, in 2017 Emmanuel Macron had promised that we would stop the use of glyphosate within three years maximum before going back on his words in 2021 to say that if he did he would “kill certain sectors”. Does that mean he lied in 2017? Yes. But he admitted it, and that’s a super noble action.

4. Increase in the right to pollute

When Emmanuel Macron understood that he would not be able to respect his commitment not to exceed the ceiling of 398 million tonnes of CO2 released per year, he did a little sleight of hand and simply increased the ceiling to 422 million tons. It’s as if you couldn’t run the 42 km marathon and decided to lower it to 22 km, still calling it a marathon.

Top 9 proofs that our government is super green, fortunately they are there

5. The closure of coal factories to get out of fossil fuels

Closing the last coal-fired power plants before 2022, “a pioneering measure” chanted the president on twitter by adding a selfie of him watching a sunset while listening to “A good hearer”. Except no, it didn’t happen, it was well thought out but it didn’t happen. Well, you never missed anything in your life before judging him too? Me, for example, I’ve already missed the cooking of a clafoutis, good bah here I go ahead now.

6. Donate money to private companies

When you file seven billion euros several times over Air France to reboost it is nice. Except that the state only has a 17% stake in the company and that the plane pollutes, I don’t think I can teach you that. So giving so much money to a private company whose activity is ruining the planet a little to build 30 wind turbines in the country in return can pass for a middle finger, it’s true, but no, it’s a strategy for us. save and you didn’t understand anything.

Top 9 proofs that our government is super green, fortunately they are there

7. Reduce distances between homes and pesticide application areas

You will say that it becomes difficult to defend as an action, but Emmanuel Macron did have a plan when he asked to reduce the distances between residential areas and crop areas where we were swinging pesticide spraying, just like when his government asked the prefects to challenge the municipal decrees of certain mayors who had voted against these practices. His project was obviously for our bodies to get used to pesticides, in order to be more resistant to them, but you never see the whole picture yourself.

8. Help the air sector yes, but also the automotive sector

It was nice when Macron helped Air France, but he did the same with Renault, giving the two companies a total of nearly 20 billion euros. What’s unfortunate is that it didn’t really help the most ecological means of transport such as the bicycle and the train, but it saved our economy and these two companies which, moreover, are private now that I Think about it, why we give them our money, I don’t know, but there’s a reason. Well, the two companies in question have fired a lot of people behind but it’s the crisis too.

Top 9 proofs that our government is super green, fortunately they are there

9. Watch how hyper-reactive Olivier Véran was during the heat wave

The planet is literally burning under a dome of heat resulting from two centuries of industry and ecological denial, we are having fires everywhere, a record drought, but fortunately Olivier Véran arrives with his panoply of drastic recommendations to fight against global warming climatic. I don’t know what more you need to understand how much these people are involved for our future and that of our children.

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