Top 9 piercings that have a hidden meaning, because it’s not just to look good

Are you sick of having a basic body? Do you want originality, folklore, uniqueness? Nothing better than getting a small tattoo or a piercing (because it always costs less than doing cosmetic surgery anyway). But be careful not to be nimp in your choices, because if tattoos have a hidden meaning, piercings too, yes! So put down that ice cube and needle right now and read this top instead.

1. The daith piercing

This hunk piercing is not just made to look good but is also used to relieve migraines. And yes because it would press on an acupuncture point, at the level of the cartilage near the auditory canal. By activating the blood vessels in the area, this piercing would facilitate the circulation of blood in the tissues. Acupuncturists themselves would focus on this small point to relieve the big headaches. So if one day you’ve watched the TV a little too much, make a small hole in your ear cartilage with a toothpick (no, definitely don’t do that).

2. The septum

Contrary to what one might think, the septum piercing has nothing to do with the Laughing Cow or some other horned animal. The septum is above all a reference to the piercing very practiced by the indigenous peoples which consisted of putting pieces of bone or pig’s tusks in the nose. This piercing was mostly seen in warriors as it was a big man thing to look manly. In women, it was used to flatten the nose and appear more attractive (to bait the barge, you got it).

3. The tongue piercing

Attention, big scoop of fifou: the tongue piercing was practiced a very long time ago by the Aztecs and the Mayans who used it as a ritual from time to time to come into contact with the Gods. Askip facilitated communication, I didn’t really understand how but hey. By cons, everyone was not allowed to get pierced there, it was just for the rich, otherwise it’s not funny.

Today, this piercing has a strong sexual connotation, because it is associated with eroticism, a desire to assume one’s sexuality and the search for pleasure in certain positions such as oral sex or oral sex. It also represents survival, because piercing your tongue would be a kind of initiation rite that hurts so much that it would prove that you want to live. It’s not me who says it, it’s the stars.

4. The nostril piercing

Did you know??? The nostril piercing is the second most worn piercing in the world after those on the ear lobes. This is partly because it is very entrenched in certain cultures. In Egypt, at the time of the pharaohs, only people with a high social rank wore this piercing. Today, in India, it is worn by tradition: women have their left nostril pierced before marriage because according to Ayurveda medicine, it would reduce pain during childbirth.

This piercing also has a psychological meaning because it represents an attachment to the parental image: at the left nostril, it is the maternal image while at the right nostril, it is the paternal image. This attachment can be assumed but also rejected (like a teenager who gets a piercing to piss off his dads).

5. The lip piercing

A bit like the tongue piercing, the lip piercing is associated with the desire to please, with sexuality (because lips are seggsy you see). But this piercing also represents a person’s tenacity and determination. So if you have a piercing in this place, it’s generally that you’re someone who takes a lot of trouble to achieve your goals (for example at grandma’s, you do everything to finish your meal. Well, I think it’s is that what it means…).

6. Belly button piercing

The navel piercing can reflect the ego, self-confidence (because we say “looking at the navel”, yes) but not only. It is also seen as a padlock for the body, which makes the person wearing it seek to protect themselves because they feel bad about themselves. There is also the idea of ​​chastity behind this piercing, which makes it difficult for the person to develop sexually. After me I’m not in your bed eh, it’s you who tell me.

7. The eyebrow piercing

This piercing appeared on the initiative of the punk movement to reject society and its norms (death to capitalism let’s gooo). If we find this idea in the eyebrow piercing, it is also associated with a desire to please, to send a beautiful image to others. You also want to be loved in fact, there is no reason, we can want to fight but like to receive love!!

8. The nipple piercing

In the ancient civilizations of Central America, nipple piercing was performed on men as a rite of passage into adulthood. Today and since the Victorian era, it is above all associated with seduction and eroticism. The person who wears it is generally comfortable with their body. Anyway, that’s what is being said, I don’t know you personally after all.

9. The ear piercing

So there, big surprise friends, because you’re not going to believe what I’m going to tell you. Ear piercings have their origin in slavery: during Antiquity, a master indeed pierced the ear of his slave to show his obedience, his servitude (not cool at all). Among sailors, a pierced ear represented a personal accomplishment. Then in the 80s, after being worn by hippies and before being used by punks, these piercings were used to discreetly display one’s sexuality. A little history lesson never hurts.

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