Top 9 people who didn’t understand the question

You were told a lot of crap when you were kids, so you ended up not applying any advice. However… I assure you that “turning your tongue 7 times in your mouth” before speaking can sometimes save you long moments of humiliation. Of deep loneliness. An embarrassed smile. Intense discomfort. In short, it can be useful!

1. Catherine Colonna, French Minister of Foreign Affairs

Indeed, the word “climate” can have several definitions. Weather on one side, morale on the other. Guess which of the two the journalist was referring to? Here it is… Unfortunately (or fortunately, a little difficult to position oneself in fact) this was not a joke. The government of Elisabeth Borne, on the other hand…

2. Frédéric Lefebvre, former Secretary of State for Trade

No, Frédo, we didn’t ask you what your favorite clothing brand was, but your BOOK. But noooo, not the English motto, the thing you’re signing there… Rooooh, can someone explain to him please?

3. Nadine Morano, who confuses Renaud (the singer) and Renault (the dealer)

Exclusively, an excerpt from the lyrics of this secret single:

To sit on a bench, five minutes, with you

And watch the money go

Talk to you about Carlos, that damn good guy there,

CEO of both Renaud and Nissan

Worse embezzling funds, in soum soum in Japan

A few billion yen here and there,

Yes I know, it’s a lot of money

But the bigger it is, the more it will pass

4. Aya Nakamura, on the Telethon set

Nagui: “Hey Aya, if you asked your fans to donate to the Telethon? »

Aya Nakamura: “Yes, it’s true… Thank you very much to my fans for supporting me, it’s cool”

And since I’m in a singing mood today, I’ll conclude with music, to the tune of the mysteriously famous “Oh djadja”: “Hello Nagui, but what about? I hear words that I don’t understand. Apparently, you have to call (oh yeah, yeah, yeah). But that’s why I didn’t get it, oh yeah… Ohhh what is it? The Telethon, yeah, what is it? You have to call 3637, right?? Like, by calling, the disease kills you”.

5. Mélanie Fortier, RN candidate for the legislative elections

Plateau de France 3, May 2022. Mélanie Fortier, RN candidate is living a long (very long) (very very very long) moment of solitude. There was, however, no trap in the question… “What is your public service policy?” “. Do you think she twitched more on the word “politics”, “service” or “public”? In any case, she has at least notions of video editing. It’s always better than nothing…

6. Guy Parmelin, Swiss politician (visibly bilingual)

We have no proof of what we’re saying, but a few things tell us that this gentleman didn’t really understand the question… I can see myself in English class, personally. The teacher: “How old are you? me: “YES”.

7. The students of first pros at the Bac de Français 2022

There, it becomes sad… After the French test, many high school students said on social networks that “ouin ouin tro hard the question, we even don’t keske it ve dir”. The question in question (lol): “In your opinion, is the game still fun?” . What many of them did not understand: the word “fun”. Yeah… It’s scary.

On social networks, high school students have expressed their dismay at the word “playful” in their baccalaureate subject….

Posted by FigaroVox on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

8. Jean-Michel, candidate for “Everyone wants to take their place”

The video dates back to 2014, but the moment is still legendary… » How many prime numbers are there between 4 and 9? » Answer: “0”. No, Jeannot, here we are talking about “first”, not in the sense of “1”, but of “which can only be divided by 1 or by itself”. So. You have it ? Come on, try something else… Answer: “square? “. Ok, well… It’s going to be long.

9. John Lennon

Pfffff nonsense children who respond to teachers like that and who believe that “happy” is a job! No, but ridiculous, what… What do the parents actually do????

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