Top 9 people who didn’t understand that we were making fun of them

Ah the second degree! Not always easy to grasp it as shown by people who don’t understand the jokes (and also some people in comments under our tops, I won’t name names, but be aware that they are displayed roughly above the toilets of Topito). This misunderstanding is all the funnier when some people don’t realize that we’re really paying their faces. We want to be nice, but after a while we have to stop being so naive, serious, it becomes embarrassing for everyone.

1. Donald Trump who didn’t understand that the movie The Devil’s Advocate was making fun of him

We knew that Donald Trump was not the finest person on Earth, but this event confirmed what we thought. In 1992, the former president indeed let the team of the film “The Devil’s Partner” shoot in the penthouse of his Trump Tower in Chicago. A rather nice gesture as the film satirizes a very powerful businessman who murders his wife and flirts with a 14-year-old teenager, a character obviously based on Trump. We had warned you that it was not very fut-fut.

2. Donald Trump who has (still) not understood that the series Larry and his navel is having a good time

In 2020, Donald Trump (who definitely does not miss one) retweeted an excerpt from the series “Larry and his navel” where we see Larry David donning a Trumpist cap “Make America Great Again” to avoid trouble with a biker. The former president saw support there and wrote “Tough Guys With Trump” as he shared the video. Except that this series openly doesn’t care about Trump and his supporters and that this episode showed how the MAGA cap could scare people away. Quite subtle, but still too much for Trump apparently.

3. Patrick Balkany who didn’t understand the meaning of Action Discrète’s rap

In 2014, the comedians of Action Discrète, the Canal + show, made fun of Patrick Balkany in front of him, and he picked up absolutely nothing. They actually posed as young rappers from Levallois and took the opportunity to introduce the former mayor to their new song. A song that made our national Patoche dance well, despite some very spicy passages, like “The villa in the Caribbean is not his. The Palace in Marrakech is not his. The Moulin de Giverny is not his or “You’re the king of tax-fucking”. Personally, I would have given my collection of shower curtains to see it live.

4. Gérald Darmanin who had not seen that his supporters were in fact demonstrators

Do you remember the look-alike of Jean-Michel Blanquer who had the gallery haired by imitating the former Minister of Education when he had sent a protocol for the start of the school year from Ibiza? Well, this look-alike Jean-Michel is part of the Ibiza Collective who trolled Darmanin well by going to meet him during a trip to Versailles in September 2022. Between those who pretend to be supporters, those who congratulate the minister for his actions done to women (“a blowjob for a service”) and the one who takes a picture with him before revealing a “It’s going to be fine” T-shirt, we don’t know what we prefer the most. Again, again, again!

5. Emmanuel Macron who is a fan of The Smell of Gasoline

In December 2021, shortly before the release of Orelsan’s latest album “Civilization”, Emmanuel Macron declared in Liberation that he liked the title “L’odeur de l’essence” by Orelsan, finding the text “well seen” and that Orelsan “depicted society as a sociologist”. Which leads us to think that the president clearly didn’t listen to the music, because Orelsan says anyway “If the President wins half the votes, it’s because two-thirds of France didn’t want him” and “The chips are down, all our leaders have failed”. Still quite explicit.

6. Curators relay parody articles

Yes, the American conservatives are a bit like our own Christine Boutin: they too don’t really capture the parodic side of certain media. This is how one of them relayed on their dedicated Reddit account an article from The Onion (a humorous media) which headlined “Republicans accuse Ocasio-Cortez of not being near where they said to the Capitol crowd that she would be”. You still have to be not very smart to share an article that doesn’t care about your party.

7. The LVMH representative who got screwed over by Ruffin

In 2015, François Ruffin, founder of the media Fakir, directed the documentary Thanks boss ! where he defends the Klur couple, two former employees of a Kenzo factory, fired by the LVMH group because of relocation. And in this excellent documentary comedy, we see François Ruffin openly laughing at the face of the representative of LVMH. The latter indeed offers the dismissed couple to offer them a large sum of money in return for their silence about their situation. What the emissary of LVMH does not know is that François Ruffin had discreetly put his camera right next to it a few moments before and that he intended to broadcast all this with the help of the Klur couple. Obviously, the film made a lot of noise when it was released. Masterful.

8. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan who does not see that we openly make fun of him

Finally, fortunately Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is not our president because he has a sense of analysis and hindsight close to those of a seagull. After receiving an email from a firefighter refusing the health pass and “turned back to the entrance of an EHPAD” to help, good old Nico hastened to make a video on Twitter where he appears all anger . Except that this email was a fake, sent by a twittos who openly wanted to have fun, and it worked since Nicolas Dupont-Aignan rushed headlong into the trap. He is cute but a very small Breton (have the ref please).

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