Top 9 of the worst experiments carried out on children, not very good spirit of science

The children are great, the children are wonderful, the children are adorable so let’s torture them and make them miserable and ouille ouille ouille hard hard hard hard poor child call Brigitte Bardot.

1. The Bobo Doll Experiment

Albert Bandura has almost the same name as Antonio Banderas and about the same madness as him in The skin that lives. Bandura wanted to know to what extent children were ready to imitate adult behaviors. So Bandura recorded two videos of adults interacting with a doll, his nickname Bobo: in one, the adults hugged her, in the other they beat her with a sledgehammer. And these videos, Bandura showed them to three groups of children. The first saw the hug moment, the second the fight moment and the third nothing at all. Then, he left the kids with the doll in a room where there was all the gear necessary for a good break in the face of the families.

The kids who had seen the castagne video ruined the recdi doll. The others were absolutely not violent with this poor little Bobo.

In conclusion: do not abuse the kids or they will become violent.

2. When a chimpanzee is raised with your kid, like it’s his sister

In the 1930s, we still did not master genetics very well. There was a positivist and magical thought that raising a monkey as a human would make it fatally human. And that’s when a psychologist named Kellogg who didn’t make cornflakes decided to adopt a 7-month-old female chimpanzee when his son was born, pretending that it was normal, of two they were siblings.

Except the kid started developing monkey-like behaviors pretty quickly. At a year and a half, he mastered three words in all and for all and bit everyone.

Epic fail.

3. How to Generate Guilt in Kids

Guilt is hell. This is why psychologists at the University of Iowa decided to take kids and create guilt in them for fun. Here’s the thing: an adult gave a doll to a kid, emphasizing the importance of this doll, what it meant to him and how much he had to be careful lalalalalala. Except that as soon as the doll was entrusted to the child, it broke automatically. Then the adult looked at the child in silence for a long (very long) minute. Before going to see him explaining to him that it was not his fault.

The purpose of the experiment was to find out if oral compensation ended guilt. Apparently not.

4. Tickling with a mask on the head

Why do we laugh when we’re tickled? Good question Clarence Leuba wanted to answer it in 1933 by setting up an experiment. He made sure he was the only tickle master in his house and proceeded to do tickle sessions on his kid without laughing at all. With an absolutely neutral expression. Totally creepy. More than scary, by the way, since he was carrying a paper bag over his mouth.

But the kid was still laughing. To see if it would have been the same lemonade with a serial killer.

5. Giving his kid smallpox to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine

A pioneer of vaccines, Edward Jenner tried as early as the 18th century to prove that organisms exposed to a disease could be immunized against it (provided they were cured). So he decided (one is never better served than by oneself) to inject a bovine variant of smallpox into his son. Once he was cured, he injected him with real smallpox. The one who kills people.

And he was right, because the kid got nothing. He had just invented a vaccine.

6. Little Albert

In addition to following his friend Sherlock Holmes everywhere, John Watson was also a scientist who was interested in the birth of fears in children. So he raised Albert, his 9-month-old son, explaining to him that white stuff was super scary. As a result, he was afraid of everything, everything, everything that was white, even though he had had a positive experience with white things in the past. In short, at one point, the mother intervened to put an end to this comedy because the kid did not benefit from any follow-up.

7. Forcing the stutter: the Monster Study

1939, a good year. It is also the one chosen by two researchers in linguistics and psychology to study the reasons for stuttering. They took 22 kids, divided them into two groups, and managed to get one of the groups to stutter. In the first group, children were valued; in the second, we explained to the kids that they spoke badly and that they were going to stutter all their life for sure. Quickly, the bullied children stopped talking. And started, when they did, to stutter severely. And to develop serious personality disorders.

What interest ? One wonders.

8. Pavlov’s experiment

Pavlov not only conducted experiments on dogs. He also did his little business with orphans under the age of 15. The street kids were entitled to a good little meal in exchange. It’s worth them. So Pavlov was able to prove that behaviorism also applied to humans.

9. MK-ULTRA kids version

In 1951, the CIA decided to conduct experiments with LSD-type drugs to see how these things could be used by the army to transform humans into military robots. In the lot, four projects are geared towards children and benefit from the complicity of a holiday camp organisation. The goal was to dissociate them as much as possible by subjecting them to, among other things, pedophile acts. Absolute horror that the CIA never acknowledged.

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