Top 9 of the ugliest stadiums in France, it stings the eyes

Anyone who only watches football on TV doesn’t really know the ball. You have to go as close as possible to the game to understand what makes football the most popular sport on the planet, that is to say at the stadium. And there are several categories of stadiums: those that impress us and the others. Today we will talk about others. On the other hand, we must not mix everything up, an ugly stadium does not necessarily mean a gloomy atmosphere. We can have a stadium that is crying out for hunger, but which exudes conviviality. Finally, that does not excuse everything and it makes you want to be a German football supporter.

1. Parc Des Sports D’Annecy (Evian), more an athletics stadium than anything else –

With such a small city, it’s hard to have your own stadium. They didn’t have much better luck with the one next door. They would like to play in Geneva, but UEFA is not of the same opinion. Already winner of the worst Ligue 1 jersey, Evian wins that of the good stadium of the 70s with an athletics track that makes you want to stay at home.

Top 9 of the ugliest stadiums in france, it stings the eyes
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Olivier G. for on the PSGMAG.NET flickr account

2. François Coty (Ajaccio), lost in the middle of nowhere

In Corsica there was already not enough money for one club, so two… Even if the Ajacciens made an effort… well, we let you see the result in a photo. In short, keep your beaches in Corsica, it’s still the most beautiful thing.

3. Stade Du Ray (Nice), the “quickest new stadium”

OGC Nice is the club of the future. Big investors and soon a new stadium, good for them, it was time. A historic stadium they said. This is another synonym for “old”.

4. Stade Chaban-Delmas (Bordeaux), 100% inspired by the 18th century

It’s not so much that the stadium is ugly, but rather that it’s actually dated. In any case it does not help to motivate what is universally known as the softest public in France, even considering how Bordeaux struggles in league 1, this explains it.

5. Stade Armand-Cesari Furiani (Bastia), a stadium not too completely finished (but we won’t tell them)

A stadium constantly under construction which may end one day if Bastia manages to stay in Ligue 1 for a long time. So in 20 years (sorry Bastia, we are wholeheartedly with you).

No, but more seriously, this stadium was built with the ass forgetting all the safety rules, and we remember well in 1992 in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France when an entire stand collapsed causing the death of several person (yes, yes we are very serious). Seriously, you’re screwing the Corsicans.

6. Stade de L’Aube (Troyes), the most Ligue 1.5

A stadium that is more league 2 than anything else. At the same time it is safer. Troyes can’t really stay in the top flight for long. A consistent stadium.

7. Stade Francis Le Blé (Brest), the name says a lot (or not)

To be called Le Blé when you have absolutely none, it’s still ironic (hard blow). We better understand the songs of Miossec with the rain falling horizontally.

8. Stade Du Moustoir (Lorient), almost Rennes but much less well

3 clubs in Brittany is too many anyway… Good already there are four stands, it’s not given to everyone. And that’s all ? Yes that’s all, but sometimes you have to settle for the minimum.

9. Stade De La Mosson (Montpellier), the most delirious architect

A nice stadium, but still really weird seen from above. And then, this lawn not of God, do something guys, what did you use the title money for? Everything happened in the crest at Nicolin?

We repeat it, it’s not only beauty that counts in life, even if they are ugly, the atmosphere is sometimes incredible (sometimes only).

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