Top 9 of the most unbearable actors on a set, hello Depardieu

It is often said that it is better never to meet your idols, because by seeing them in person, you risk being greatly disappointed by their true personality. Well, you could also say that you should never shoot with your idols, because some actors, no matter how talented, can quickly become unbearable in the work. Here is a small list of some actors who, if they are very good on screen, can quickly become tiring on set.

1. Gérard Depardieu farts on his shoots

On the set of his latest film, Fahim, Depardieu shocked the whole team by dropping crates on set. And apparently it wasn’t the first time it had happened. Apart from that, he generally does as he pleases, refuses to do what is asked of him, drinks a lot, never learns his lines and behaves a bit like a kid. He may be one of our best actors, but you have to have patience to work with him.

2. Jared Leto took himself a little too seriously as The Joker

On the set of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto wanted to be part of the history of actors who fully fit into the skin of their character. As a result, the one who played the Joker just behaved like an asshole with his playing partners, to whom he offered used condoms, gun bullets in their mailbox, or even a dead pig. He didn’t speak to them and tried to create a scary atmosphere. We understand the idea, but in fact good actors generally don’t need that to play their character well. Not to mention that Leto’s ego is reputed to be quite huge and that he resented Joaquin Phoenix surpassing him in this exercise. It’s a bit shameful.

3. Lea Michele was her diva during the entire filming of Glee

The one who played Rachele was a plague on film sets. She wanted everything to go as she asked and took the teams for her minions. It was actress Kate Hudson, guest star on a few episodes of the series, who revealed to journalists the nightmarish character of Lea Michele, yet only at the start of her career. The big head, it comes very quickly. All the same, we still want to relive the seasons of Glee now.

4. Bruce Willis has annoying star demands

He too has his little reputation as a diva on the sets, where he has already taken the lead with the world, like the director Kevin Smith on the set of Top Cops. He would be lazy and would have absurd demands, like being notified 30, 15 and then 5 minutes before each scene was shot. Imagine for two seconds behaving like that when you’re in your job… Ah, and then in 2015 he got fired from a Woody Allen shoot. We wonder why.

5. Jennifer Aniston doesn’t take herself for shit

On the shoots, she likes not to mingle too much with the rest of the team and avoid group meals for lunch in her luxurious caravan. From what people who’ve worked with her say, she’s not mean, but she just lets other people know she has nothing to do with them. It hurts.

6. Chevy Chase probably has one of the worst reputations on set.

In the middle, Chevy Chase is a textbook case of the unbearable guy on the sets. Pretentious and (too) attracted by money, the guy also gives into racist jokes and mockery about his colleagues, which, for example, caused him to leave the filming of Community to Donald Glover. And he started to get boring very early in his career, since, barely a year after starting in Saturday Night Live, in 1976, he had already argued with everyone and even fought with Bill Murray. Honestly, it’s a great performance.

7. Teri Hatcher is “the meanest person on Earth”

Well, that’s according to Nicollette Sheridan, who played Edie alongside her in Desperate Housewives. But she was apparently not the only one to think very badly of the actress who was also hated on the set of tomorrow never dies where she played a James Bond Girl. It doesn’t make me want to work with her.

8. Megan Fox was boring on Transformers sets (but she regrets it)

She admits herself today to have abused during this period of her life when she fucked up on the sets and fell out with everyone. She even compared Michael Bay to Hitler, which is probably not the nicest thing you can say to a colleague. In short, today she regrets having been a little plague when she was in her early twenties, and that’s good.

Top 9 of the most unbearable actors on a set, hello depardieu
Picture credits: Eva Rinaldi

9. Gwyneth Paltrow is very weird with other people.

Between her revelations that she spent a whole shoot drunk (that of Country Strong, where she played an alcoholic), and the fact that she never remembers her fellow actors with whom she played, many agree to to say that Gwyneth Paltrow is an easily uncomfortable person. She’s reportedly cold and snobbish, and the other actors apparently wished her character was dead in Iron Man not to have it again. Severe but fair.

We prefer nice stars.

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