Top 9 of the fates of the actors of our teenage series

When we were teenagers, often the best time to watch series was when we had our snack on the way home from class. M6 also took us part of the weekend with the Saturday trilogy and completed a list of series that we have all watched and of which we are not always very proud today. Now we have grown up, and the actors of these series too. Some have had real careers in movies or on TV, but others have had slightly different destinies.

1. James Marsters – Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The vampire bad guy, who was also Buffy’s hot date and had platinum blonde hair slicked onto his head, continued his career on TV after the series ended. We saw it in the spin-off Angelthen in Smallvillebut also in detective series that all look like the type Hawaii 5-0 Where FBI: Missing. But James also got into music. He has a group, “Ghost of the Robot” with which he makes kind punk-pop music and clips shot and edited by a 13-year-old kid (or so it seems). Not sure he will come to Bercy tomorrow.

2. Mónica Cruz – Silvia in One, Dos, Tres

Penelope’s little sister has not managed to make such a nice run on the screens after playing in Un, Dos, Tres, the best series. She even managed to be cut during the editing of the film Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games, which was perhaps a blessing in disguise. But the Spanish actress has become a stylist, because it’s not just movies in life.

3. Ada Nicodemou – Katerina in Hartley, hearts raw

We had already mentioned the case of Callan Mulvey (Drazik) in the top on the destinies of beautiful kids in the series, so we now move on to the other best character in the series, Katerina. Actress Ada Nicodemou made a small appearance in Matrix after Hartley’s stoppage. Since 2000, she has been playing in an Australian soap, Summer Bay, and it seems to suit her since she’s been there for 20 years already. We would still have liked to see her a little more on the big screen because she was very cute in her role as Katerina.

4. Adeline Blondieau – Caroline Drancourt in Under the Sun

After playing in The girls next door, The new girls next doorand Under the sunand Under the Sun of Saint-Tropez, we can talk about a great career in the teen series for the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday (yes we too had forgotten that). In parallel with the series, she hosted TV and radio shows, and got into comic book scripts. Now she seems to have given up acting altogether. Are we going to survive it? Yes it’s possible.

5. Erik Per Sullivan – Dewey in Malcolm

After Malcolm, Erik Per Sullivan played a little more, then completely disappeared from the screens. He fled fame and didn’t even return when the show’s cast reunited. Suddenly, smart guys found it funny the idea of ​​spreading a rumor that he had died in a car accident, but Erik Per Sullivan is alive and well. We just don’t know what he’s doing with his life.

Top 9 of the fates of the actors of our

6. Lee Norris – Microphone in The Scott Brothers

In the disappearance genre, Lee Norris is not bad either. He had, however, had some interesting roles, in walking dead or in the thriller Gone Girl, but since then we haven’t seen him at all. He would have remained friends with members of the cast of Scott Brothers, but it is unclear how it earns its crust. Has he earned enough to do nothing for the rest of his life? We have a doubt.

7. Orlando Brown – Eddie Thomas in Raven Phenomenon

Orlando looked too cool in the series, but he was much less so in life: drugs, violence, drunk driving, etc., the guy thought he was in GTA. Because of that, he will never be able to participate in the spin-off of Raven Phenomenon because Disney does not want to hold its image. Suddenly, Orlando is content to make music and even paid for a duet with Akon, but nothing to ignite either.

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8. Mitch Hewer – Maxxie in Skins

The one who embodied the character of the “gay dancer” (yes, it was full of clichés Skins, whether you like it or not), tried to break into TV after the show’s cast change, without success. We can mention that he failed in the casting of Glee, where we would have seen it. Maybe he sang badly. Since then, it’s been a dead calm. In any case, if we are to believe his Instagram account, he is even more embellished.

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9. Kelly Rutherford – Lily Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

After his remarkable passage in the series with the gossip in all directions, Kelly has a little drooled. From 2009, she and her ex-husband fought in court to obtain custody of their children, for at least 3 years. Finally, the actress was able to find her son and daughter, but all of this cost her part of her career, and a lot of money.

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