Top 9 of the best answers of stars to homophobes, bim in the teeth

Life is screwed up: when some act like big fat anti-gays, you can count on karma to punish homophobes but also on stars smart enough to put them back in their place. And frankly, the inventiveness of certain people will always amaze us. I want their sense of repartee as a Christmas present, do you contribute, I don’t know, but give it to me, I beseech you.

1. Lil Nas X who trolled homophobes who came to demonstrate against his concert

On September 18, 2022, while performing a concert in Boston, Lil Nas X, singer of “Call me by your name”, had to face a gathering of homophobes in front of the room where he was performing. Full of humor, he then asked his team to bring them pizzas to thank them for advertising him. Moments later, the singer posted a video explaining that the homophobes had refused the pizzas, but that he had fallen in love with one of the protesters. Best troll in decades.

2. Jacquemus who neatly reframed homophobes in commentary on Insta

On February 14, 2022, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, stylist Simon Porte Jacquemus posted on his brand’s Instagram account a photo of him kissing his boyfriend (and now husband) Marco Maestri by the pool. This photo earned him a bunch of homophobic comments, including vomit emojis. But with his usual class, Jacquemus posted one of his responses to those comments: under one saying “I wanted your bag. Now, not at all »the stylist dropped a “My bag doesn’t want you”. Yes, he dead that.

3. Nick Cave who put a homophobic fan in his place

On his exchange platform with his fans, the singer Nick Cave had to type very well homophobic comments, in particular the following from a certain Georges: “Aren’t you sick of fat lesbians liking your music?” Personally I love what you do but I find most of your fans unbearable. I wondered if we were on the same wavelength. A comment that apparently did not please Cave at all, who replied: “Jesus said, ‘Forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.’ I think maybe Jesus was talking about you, George. Maybe I’m wrong in my estimates, but I think 99% of people who read your question will think you’re a bit of an asshole. I could be wrong. Maybe the percentage is higher”. This kind of response is nice.

4. The Foo Fighters who rick-rolled an anti-LGBT protest

While they were to perform a concert in Kansas City the same evening, the Foo Fighters group found themselves facing an anti-gay demonstration in front of a church. To troll them, the singers decided to embed themselves by playing the song “Never Gonna Give u Up” by Rick Astley. A real “rick-rolling” in the rules of the art.

5. The main cast members of the Heartstopper series who thumbed their fingers at anti-homophobes at London Pride 2022

Joe Locke, the interpreter of Charlie in the first season of Heartstopper, and Sebastian Croft, the actor of Ben, were filmed at gay pride in London in July 2022 dancing and waving their fingers at anti- gays and anti-transsexuals demonstrating nearby. And frankly, it’s very satisfying.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger who didn’t give a damn about a homophobic fan

After changing his profile picture to add a gay flag to celebrate the state of California’s adoption of same-sex marriage, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to bang old comments like Jakub’s saying “What’s your problem, Arnie?” Should I stop liking your Facebook page? ». To which good old Arnold responded with enormous charisma “Hasta la vista”. We want a life-size poster of Arnold next to our bed.

7. Youtuber Ben Philips who trolled a homophobic hater with zombies

In 2017, American Youtuber Ben Philips received a very homophobic comment saying “You and your stupid brother should try to find a life, you little fags”. Ben Philipps therefore had a genius idea, faithful to his usual videos: he made contact with his hater’s girl and decided to prank him by disguising himself as a zombie and going to his house to attack him. And that’s just pure genius.

8. Paul McCartney putting a homophobic journalist in his place

While he is in the middle of an interview, Paul McCartney is asked by a somewhat intrusive journalist from the Tomorrow Show what he could be looking for other than girls to excite him. To which McCartney replies casually “Well boys” before launching a final spade by replying “It’s something rational right now”. Holy hook.

9. Madonna who dropped her best punchline during an interview with strange questions

In 1991, while promoting the documentary In Bed With Madonna, the singer was asked by the journalist how she thought her homophobic audience would receive her film (like that mattered, loooool). And while Madonna replies that it’s their problem, the journalist goes on to ask her sarcastically if she is on a crusade to change the world. And that’s when the star gave us her best line by throwing a good one at her: “Someone has to do it”. AND BAM !