Oh holy Elizabeth. Lizzou, as no one calls her. The girl has been Prime Minister since only May 2022 and she is already on her ninth 49.3 to pass laws that no one wants. The one who spends her life with an electronic cigarette in her mouth has even dared to launch a “Why are you so afraid of the debate? » in the middle of the National Assembly when it was precisely depriving everyone of debate. A big force, this Babeth. Despite everything, we decided to rank his 49.3 from best to worst to relive these beautiful moments of democracy with you.

The ninth: a hilarious 49.3 to have the “expenditure” part of the 2023 state budget adopted

Huge bars of laughter for Lizzie Borne and her colleagues when passing this ninth 49.3 in defiance of all those who wanted to oppose it. The President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, reportedly told reporters: “I literally pissed myself laughing. Literally. I’m off to change. » A great moment for French politics.

The third: an ultra funny 49.3 for the entire Social Security financing bill

I warn you right away, I did not understand all these legal texts which all relate to social security and state budgets, but I can, on the other hand, tell you about this wonderful day in October when Lizou activated for the third time in a week on 49.3. During this session, no one in the Assembly believed their eyes, or their ears, or any other part of their body. In surprise, and astonishment, everyone started laughing frantically for 12 hours in a row until the hemicycle was evacuated by the police and the Samu. The fifth republic will remember it for a long time.

The eighth: a breathtaking 49.3 to have the “revenue” part of the 2023 state budget adopted

In living memory, we had never practiced the hola at the National Assembly, and yet this is what happened on December 8 following Lizzou’s eighth 49.3. While the Prime Minister had just closed her speech with a: “If you’re not happy, go get your ass cooked”, his e-cigarette caught fire in his pocket, which everyone present interpreted as a divine sign. From there, the crowd got carried away, the hola started, and the CAC 40 took 10 points.

The fifth: a crazy 49.3 to pass the Social Security budget for 2023

Aware that the news of a fifth 49.3 was going to have trouble getting through to the eyes of the deputies, Lilie hired a choir of 50 children with disabilities to sing her speech and thus avoid the throwing of projectiles. This improvised concert not only worked, but it attracted the attention of producers who decided to launch a tour entitled: “Borne and the 49.3 On The Road”, the “49.3” being both a reference to the legal texts , but also to the missing limb of one of the children.

The sixth: an exhilarating 49.3 to pass the Social Security budget for 2023 (again)

This one is rather funny because, when Babeth entered the hemicycle, an RN deputy launched: “So, are we going to do a 49.3 again? » and the Prime Minister replied: ” Yes exactly “. Ok, I don’t remember all the details, but I swear it was funnier than that.

The seventh: a confusing 49.3 to pass the Social Security budget for 2023 (still)

Good there I will not hide it from you, there was a little weariness. On the day of the seventh 49.3, everyone in the assembly gasped. People blew so hard that the back wall receded 1.28m. Impressive.

The second: an extravagant 49.3 on the Social Security financing bill

I prefer not to talk about this painful episode which personally caused me to lose my wife and children. I just want to say that Elisabeth Borne stole my life.

The fourth: an incredible 49.3 to pass the 2023 finance bill

After Liz’beth’s first three 49.3s, no one, I mean NOBODY would have believed her capable of drawing a fourth. And yet. As Molière’s The Little Prince said: “They knew it wasn’t impossible, and yet she did it. »

The first: an amphigouric 49.3 on the state budget

Purists will tell you that this was Bebeth’s best 49.3, if not one of the best 49.3s in 49.3 history. Suffice it to say, it was a very clean 49.3, fine in every way, but slightly boring. After that everyone thinks what they want and that’s what makes the beauty of our society.

(bonus) The tenth: a 49.3 to cancel them all

December 24, 2022, 9:52 p.m. Liza is celebrating with her friends. While helping herself to a piece of guinea fowl, the Prime Minister of the French government reflects on the meaning of life. And if the spirit of Christmas, it was not to recognize its errors? Neither one nor two, the politician leaves the table, rebuttons her pants, puts on her coat and leaves for the National Assembly. In front of an empty hemicycle, she launches into a long 8am speech which will end in the early morning, in a cloud of electronic vapor, on this conclusion: all 49.3 of the year are cancelled. Merry Christmas the French.

If you too want to play 49.3 like Bebeth, click on the link for the official rules.