Top 9 mistakes we all make in the bathroom, a place full of dangers

Are you a normal person? If so, then you go to the bathroom at least once a day to have a relatively pleasant time there. You are therefore concerned by this top which lists some mistakes that almost all of us make in this holy place called “toilets”. Or “toilets”, for the more polite. But be careful, I’m not kidding at all, and besides, this top could save your life. The truth. After exploring the mistakes we all make with our washing machine, the mistakes we make with our hair dryer, or the mistakes we make with our vacuum cleaner, let’s go to the toilets.

1. We all adopt an unsuitable posture

Generally, when you do what those who don’t dare to say “caca” call “the big commission”, you are seated with your feet touching the ground. Well, it’s not the best position to drop ballast since it forms too tight an angle at the level of the colon, which prevents the evacuation of small soldiers. Basically, humans were supposed to poop while squatting, and when we invented toilets, we didn’t think about our physiognomy at all. The best thing is to put your feet on a small step or something else that will raise your knees a little. In this position, the evacuation will be much more natural and will prevent you from pushing like crazy. There are even steps made specifically for toilets that fit perfectly into the toilet. If life isn’t wonderful.

2. We don’t remember to lower the toilet seat when flushing

If you’re wondering what the toilet seat is for, know that it’s not there just to hide your bowl that you haven’t descaled for 10 years. No, it is mainly used to avoid projecting micro-droplets everywhere with each flush. Because yes, toilet flushes send microscopic drops of water all over the air, and, since they are loaded with bacteria, you don’t really want them to end up anywhere, like on your toothbrush. So lower the lid before flushing, and you’ll save the world. Well ok not really, but your life will be better for it.

3. We wash our toilets with bleach even though it’s dangerous

Perhaps you already knew it, and perhaps you will learn it today, but bleach mixed with urine gives off a toxic gas: dichlor. It irritates the eyes, the skin and the respiratory tract. And even after flushing, there are probably traces of urine in the toilet water. So throwing bleach in there is a really bad idea. But hey, you do what you want. IF YOU DON’T CARE FOR LIFE THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM.

4. We go to the toilet with our phone or a book

If there’s one survival rule you should remember, it’s: “the less time you spend sitting on the toilet, the better off you will be”. Why ? Because staying on the throne for too long compresses the veins around the anus, which can cause hemorrhoids. And hemorrhoids, well, it hurts and it sucks. Believe me, you don’t want to have one, so once you’ve finished your business, get out, it’s not a campsite here.

Top 9 mistakes we all make in the bathroom, a place full of dangers

5. We pee before leaving the house when we don’t need to

As a precaution, you too are probably pissing a little before leaving your house, so that you don’t feel like it 5 minutes later. Well, even if it seems like a good idea, it’s a mistake. By doing this, you get your bladder used to being emptied when it’s not filled at all, and you’ll want to pee much more often even when it’s not useful at all. It’s better to trust your body and tell yourself that at worst you’ll piss in a public toilet.

Top 9 mistakes we all make in the bathroom, a place full of dangers

6. We use toxic toilet paper

Unless you use Japanese toilets or have a bidet, you normally use toilet paper to wipe yourself. And this is where it gets complicated, because some papers contain bisphenol A which is an endocrine disruptor, and perfumed toilet papers often contain benzene and phthalates which are also toxic. And colored papers or very white ones are not better. In short, we must favor the most natural toilet paper possible even if it is sometimes difficult to find. It sucks.

7. Some seriously ill people use wet wipes

Ok here we are talking about a restricted category of the population, but this minority still exists. People use wet wipes to wipe themselves, and there is nothing worse in terms of ecology. Well, okay, maybe rocket launches are worse, but you got what I meant. Wet wipes, like baby wipes, are full of allergens and endocrine disruptors, and they don’t disintegrate in the flush. So in addition to being bad for you, they screw up the planet. In short, to ban what.

8. We buy ultra-expensive products when natural products work very well

To descale the toilet, there are dozens of hyper-scented chemical products that are rather expensive and are often filled with bad stuff for the ecosystem. You guessed it, that’s not really what I recommend. The best is to use baking soda and vinegar, or citric acid, which are natural products that cost nothing. One night at the bottom of the bowl and normally the tartar will have disappeared. Maybe you’ll even regret not having had the time to tell him what was on your mind before he left.

Top 9 mistakes we all make in the bathroom, a place full of dangers

9. Some fat grossers don’t wash their hands

According to studies on the subject, a third of men and a quarter of women do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. We thank all those people thanks to whom gastro still has a bright future ahead of it. In short, if you have a bit of sense, you know it’s a mistake not to take 30 seconds to wash your hands.

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