Top 9 mistakes not to make with your sex toys, important information

There are plenty of ways to have sex depending on your age, but in any case, it’s always fun to spice up your part of the legs in the air with small accessories (no, we’re not talking about a hat or pair of socks, but then you do what you want). If you decide to use one or more sex toys to get your kicks, know that there are still some small rules to follow so as not to damage your inner garden (yeah, I felt disgusted myself writing that) . Follow these tips for a sesque upgrade without consequences.

1. Choose any sex toy

So we suspect, you really want to test as soon as possible this sex-toy that you saw advertised on Insta and which seems to give ten orgasms at a time. But to enjoy it without worries, you have to check a few things before making the purchase. In particular, it is necessary to check that the object has the CE label, which proves that the manufacturer complies with European manufacturing standards, but also it is necessary to check the material, because it is recommended to prefer medical silicone to plastic to limit allergies. (and because it is more resistant). If thanks to that, you can’t find the best sex toy in the world, I don’t know what you need.

2. Use something other than a real sex toy

Indeed, it can be a bit tempting to find an everyday object (like a zucchini or a toothbrush) to replace the sex toys that are sometimes damn expensive. But believe me, this is a very bad idea. In addition to putting yourself in danger and risking an accident, you have a good chance of ending up in the top of the embarrassed patients who come out with good excuses in the emergency room because they are strange objects in the rear end. And you really don’t want to appear there, I know that.

3. Not cleaning them before their first use

I take as proof of this the filthy hands of my colleagues through which these little toys pass when we receive them by press mail. No one would put that in their body afterwards without having polished all the sides well beforehand. Well for a new sex toy, it’s the same, you don’t know what adventure he was involved in before he arrived at your house, so as a precaution, a little cleaning and everything will be fine.

4. Not cleaning them at all (or with anything)

In fact, the rule is simple: first or 152nd use, you wash your little gem with love and devotion. The ideal is even to wash your sex toy before and after use, but if you are lazy, it can be right after. To do the thing well, we bring a little warm water and soap (neutral pH if your ass is sensitive) and rub until it shines. Your mucous membranes will thank me.

5. Let them hang out anywhere (and especially in the open air)

Do you want to have a sex toy full of dust, with microorganisms growing on it and plastic melted by the sun??? Well, then you put this sex toy in a drawer or in its basic pouch and you store it in a dark, dry place, far from a heat source. And be quick about it.

6. Forgetting to put on a condom when using it with someone else

Yes, even when you don’t use parts of the human body, you have to protect yourself, because sex toys can also transmit small STDs. So in addition to not sharing your sex toy with your friends, you don’t use it without protection if you use it for your partner. And obviously, we change protection as soon as we change people, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING!

7. Do not use lubricant

We tend to underestimate the benefits of lub’, as they say in the industry (I don’t know if they say that, but it sounds cool. Am I cool?). This little magic product can indeed make the moment even more fun, by facilitating penetration which can easily become irritating. In this case, prefer water-based lubricants to avoid quickly destroying the material that covers your sex toy, especially silicone, but above all to avoid tearing the condom that you would use with a lubricant based on oil.

8. Use them to go from back to front

The rule is valid for sex toys, but also for pipous in real life. You should never, ever, EVER, switch from an anal practice to a vaginal practice, because this risks unbalancing your flora by contamination (at least not without changing protection). Yes, because some gastrointestinal bacteria, found in the rectum, such as E-coli bacteria, have nothing to do in the vagina and may just cause you an infection. So if you want a little change during your pleasure session, think about washing your sex toy (or using a new condom) so as not to fuck your whole interior.

9. Using them far too often

It can be very tempting to take out a sex toy as soon as a libido peak comes up. But sometimes you have to abstain (or look for a human-like person to join the adventure). Because if sex toys are very cool to have fun and get to know your body, they can also participate in the desensitization of certain areas when they are used too frequently (this is particularly the case for the clitoris which, by being stimulated too much in an unnatural way, sees its sensitivity threshold increase). Thank you for having good real-life sex afterwards. So take it easy on the vibrators.

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