Top 9 left-wing favorite brands

Not long ago we showed you the favorite brands of right-wingers, and it raised a lot of questions, including “but what are left-wing brands? » and we therefore decided to answer this very thorny question, because there is no reason, we must remain impartial and everyone must take it for their rank, especially people who have not asked for anything .


When a company donates 1% of its turnover to charities, it’s already very left-wing, but when its founder is also called Yvon Chouinard and he’s totally American, you get real gaucho who eats chipos in a demonstration, but dressed in overpriced clothes.

A left-wing personality who wears it: We’ve already seen the Tryo guitarist in a Patagonia gilet while planting a tree.

2. Veja

Ecological sneakers made from recycled products, vegetable leather and all based on an anti-waste circular economy: it didn’t take much to attract the bobo as if a smell of mate was floating in the air in front of a tea where the price of the cup is not below 10€.

A left-wing personality who wears it: José Bové wore Veja on the day of the McDonald’s battle, which is also prior to the date of the brand’s creation. He is really in the turfu José.

3. Kana Beach

The Breton brand of cool surfers who smoke big joints on the beach while playing three acoustic guitar chords and who put on their vests KanaBeach as soon as the sun has set has now somewhat disappeared following its liquidation in 2019. But in the hearts of the gauchos it will remain a symbol and above all a clever pun that is too golri.

A left-wing personality who wears it: Ségolène Royal wore it in the 2010s to get closer to young voters, but it was not her best choice.

4. Levi’s

“Are jeans a left-wing garment? This question, subject of the 2009 philosophy baccalaureate, found an answer in the mouth of Emmanuel Macron himself: “It’s much less to the right than the suit pants, but much more to the right than the harem pants.” Personally, I don’t really like jeans. Did you see my picture with McFly and Carlito? he declared during his surprise visit to Shopping Queens.

A left-wing personality who wears it: Everyone, no kidding, it’s more of a brand of jeans, it’s a game of Monopoly where the competitors got screwed up.

5. Uniqlo

It started with nice down jackets, then with cheap t-shirts and it became one of the major players in left-wing fast-fashion; yeah it’s almost a paradox, but it’s super classy, ​​so it works.

A left-wing personality who wears it: Manuel Valls. Lol. Nah, I’m kidding, he’s to the left what a lama is to the cubist movement in pictorial art.

Top 9 left wing favorite brands
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Kommunikation BMW Stiftung Photographer: Lorenz Böck

6. Nature and discovery

Ok it’s not really clothes, but if there’s a brand left in this world it’s this one. Everything is based on the love of nature, camping and bird watching during the breeding season, it smells like the eco-friendly who drinks chicory with his nose and my god what a good thing we are in a Nature shop and discovery.

A left-wing personality who is a client: Nicolas Hulot has already made a raclette with the famous candle raclette set when he was in the middle of a bivouac in the Larzac and for that reason alone it is an essential store.

7. Manoush

Top-of-the-range bohemian women, like Esmeralda but which would have money, which I grant you does not necessarily match the character. That being said, the bobo (bourgeois bohemian) exists and it has to be dressed, Manoush is therefore one of the brands of choice for this category.

A left-wing personality who wears it: Louise Bourgoin, but she’s classy and she wears it well.

8. Desigual

The brand preferred by nearly 90% of Spanish teachers who, with two or three exceptions, are all on the left. Warm colors and irregular patterns capable of giving epileptic seizures to anyone, it doesn’t take much for the left to seize it.

A left-wing personality who wears it: Greta Thunberg was to be a model for the brand before refusing when she discovered the number of chameleons who died of exhaustion trying to copy the patterns of the clothes (more than a thousand).

9. All brands that sell harem pants

The harem pants are to the left what the little sweater on the shoulders is to the right, so it makes sense to talk about it here. Historically originating in Persia, the sarouel has now been taken over by a part of the left who plays the djembe or makes the diabolo while feeling in harmony with nature because they smoke grass.

A left-wing personality who wears it: The members of the group Sinsemilia, who are sometimes nicknamed “50 shades of weed”, wear it quite often on stage.

Well I know, it was violent and free, but I don’t think a word of it. That being said you can go see the boring stuff when you go out with someone on the left, it was written by me, but don’t think I’m on the right, it’s a luxury I can’t offer me.

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