Top 9 geniuses in history who were big misogynists

There are geniuses, authors, historical personalities, to whom we owe a lot of progress. If these points are indisputable, that their work or passages on Earth have marked history in one way or another, we sometimes forget a less glorious feature of their personality: their very misogynistic way of conceiving women. Yippee yippee.

Be careful, however, you have to think about taking the necessary contextual distance. The mentalities and societies of yesteryear were, unfortunately, much more closed-minded in their conception of the world, of women and of differences. Afterwards, when we talk about a guy like Picasso who lived in the 20th century, who saw the transition to the right to vote for women, well… Yeah. It’s harder to distance yourself, yeah.

1. Albert Einstein gave orders and rules of conduct to his wife

Einstein was a theoretical physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, contributing greatly to the development of quantum mechanics and cosmology and introducing the theory of relativity to the world. It almost makes you dream, huh? Bah believe me, you will quickly become disillusioned. In 1914, when he was going through a complicated period with his wife Mileva Maric, he had the wonderful idea of ​​putting in place a list of strict rules to improve the situation. Obviously, these last applied only to his wife. The rules in question? “You will see to it that my clothes and my linen are in good condition”, “You will not expect any privacy from me, and you will not blame me for anything”, “You agree not to belittle in front of our children, whether in words or behavior”and ” You’ll stop talking to me if I ask.”. Well then Albert, maybe you’ll have to relax a bit, right? Subsequently, after his divorce, he married his cousin. Ok, before, it was less frowned upon than today, but note that this hot rabbit did not hesitate to go elsewhere regularly, during these two unions. What a nice guy.

2. Aristotle believed that women were vastly inferior to men

In the 4th century BC, Aristotle wrote three treatises, entitled “History of Animals, Generation of Animals and Parts of Animals”. He takes the opportunity to develop a nice theory on the body of women, arguing in particular that the female sex is strictly inferior to the male, because of an imperfect and incomplete embryonic development. You can read there “Females are by nature weaker and colder, and their nature must be considered as a natural defect”. Well, logical, yeah! Thank you Aristotle for this enlightened teaching.


3. For Confucius, “A hundred women are not worth a single testicle”

Yes… You (unfortunately) read correctly. Quite funny as a philosophy, from a guy also at the origin of the adage “What you would not like to be done to you, do not inflict on others.” My dear Confucius, famous Chinese politician, philosopher and publisher, should I conclude that comparing your existence to a hundredth of a ball will not offend you?

4. Martin Luther, considered the woman as “a wife or a prostitute”

We are indeed talking about the Martin of the 16th century, at the origin of Protestantism, and not about Martin Luther King. According to him, women should stay at home, take care of it and have children. Moreover, according to him “If women die in childbirth, it does no harm. That’s what they’re made for. » He also stated that “The word and works of God are very clear, women were made either to be wives or to prostitute themselves. ». Well, let’s see… So women are only there to procreate and for sex? Wonderful.

5. Pope Gregory I thought women were intellectually weak

In the words of the man of the Church, having lived in the 6th century: “The wife is slow to understand and her unstable and naive mind renders her by way of natural weakness to the need for a strong hand in her husband. Its “use” is twofold; animal sex and motherhood. » Did they spread the word, or what?

6. Thomas Aquinas also thought that woman was simply a womb on legs

And he made it known in simple words: “Woman was made only to aid in procreation. » A sentence so simple that his mind is arrested. Like what, one can be an Italian Dominican friar and priest, philosopher, theologian, jurist and misogynist at the same time.

7. Napoleon installed misogyny in the civil code

The Civil Code then consecrated “the power of the father of the family over the wife and children”. Moreover, until 1970, we did not speak of “parental authority” but of “paternal power”. Among the articles of the civil code promulgated by Napoleon in 1804: “The husband owes protection to his wife, the wife obedience to her husband” (section 23).

In the penal code of 1810, one “excuses” the murder of a woman by her husband, if it is justified by adultery and “flagrante delicto in the marital home” (section 324). For the opposite case, Mr. receives a simple fine. Niceeeee. Finally, we will add that this gentleman had… 60 official mistresses, and we will end with one of his declarations: “We Western peoples have spoiled everything by treating women too well […] They should not be regarded as the equals of men, and are, in reality, only child-making machines. […] It is better that they work with the needle than with the tongue. » Masterful.

8. Norman Mailer, deemed rape “normal” and stabbed his wife

Norman who??? Norman Mailer was a famous American writer, notably behind the biographies of Monroe and Picasso. Misogyny is far too weak a word to qualify a guy capable of feminicide. In 1960, in the middle of an evening, Adèle Morales made a reflection to her husband. The not too bloody, extreme and violent guy jumps on him, and strikes him a first blow of a rusty knife in the back, then in the chest, a few centimeters from his heart. Did he immediately realize the horror of his gesture? Well no ! He would have told the guests still present “Don’t touch her. Let the female dog die”. Adele survived her injuries, left the man, but never filed a complaint. Before talking about the reality of the facts, she pretended to have slipped on glass.

To top it all off and add horror to the atrocity: this guy reportedly said, “A little rape is good for a man’s soul. to an audience at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1972.

9. Picasso, was also misogynistic and violent

It’s no longer a secret. We can not even count all his misogynistic outings, his acts of violence, and the gloomy anecdotes that exist around the character and his paintings. Even his granddaughter, Marina Picasso, in her book “Picasso: my grandfather” describes the artist’s relationship to women through words. “He subjected them to his animal sexuality, tamed them, bewitched them, ingested them and crushed them on his web. After spending many nights extracting their essence […] he had it. » Chilling. Among the painter’s releases: “Every time I change my wife, I should burn the previous one. Like that, I would be rid of it. They wouldn’t all be there to complicate my life. And then, maybe that would give me back my youth”? Want to make him eat his brushes through his nose, how about you?

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