Top 9 French stars who hate each other, those who don’t drink tea together

We always hear about clashes between celebrities in the United States, but here too it can blow up from time to time. Ok, it’s immediately a little less crazy, it smells less showbiz and glitter, but we still have stars who can take the lead because they can’t see each other. We must be proud of our country. Look.

1. François Cluzet let loose on Jean-Marie Bigard

When Bigard had not yet withdrawn from the presidential race – did he really participate? That’s another debate – RTL asked Cluzet to give his opinion on his compatriot. And we can say the actor who is your son’s godfather didn’t need much pushing to say all the bad things he thought of Bigard.

2. Richard Berry and Nagui

In 2015, the two celebrities clashed through interviews in Telestar. Nagui had drawn the first, saying of Richard Berry that he was “a contemptuous, humiliating, disrespectful, ill-mannered type”. The actor replied shortly after explaining that he had indeed despised Nagui the time they met since he had learned, at the time, that the host had thrown his girlfriend out because she smoked. This is indeed a rather good reason to despise someone.

3. Benjamin Biolay and Benabar

Biolay has never been kind to Bénabar in the media. He has repeatedly made it clear that he hated his music and his view of the world. Bénabar has already answered him, boasting in particular of selling more records than he did at the time. But their clash came out of the media one day in November 2009 when the two singers met in a restaurant. Seeing his enemy sitting at the table, Bénabar went up to him to insult him with all kinds of names, give him a slap in the face, and ask him to come and explain himself outside; invitation that Biolay refused. To explain himself in the press, Bénabar released the worst excuse in the world: “I’m too sanguine, I have a Corsican father and an Italian mother. » Let’s be clear: having Corsican or Italian parents has never been an excuse to be violent.

4. Florent Pagny and Julien Doré

Several times, the singer (the one we will never have the freedom to think about) clashed with the one who made the New Star. About him, while no one had launched him on the question, he came out: “He’s really a not nice guy from not nice. It is his deep nature. » Then, when we asked him who he would never want to do a duet with, he answered… Julien Doré (surprising, isn’t it?) If it happens, he’s right, we don’t know anything about it, but it’s maybe not very smart to talk about it so openly in the media. For his part, Julien Doré (the best on Twitter) never answered, but suddenly we imagine that he should not carry Pagny in his heart.

5. Laurent Baffie and Jeremy Michalak

In 2013, Baffie and Michalak were present on the set of C to you. The comedian then criticized the producer for having caused the cessation of his program 17th without elevator : “We were denounced by a little jerk, on the fact that we were drinking and smoking” (…) It’s a little jerk who is at this table” When Jérémy Michalak had denied by asking him for an explanation, Baffie came out to him, in all finesse: “I don’t talk to idiots, it teaches them” For this sequence, he took a conviction for insult and defamation, and since then the two men can no longer see each other.

6. Christophe Dugarry and Patrice Evra

Evra, when he was still playing, came under fire from Dugarry, who had become a sports journalist. In 2017, he invited the former world champion to come and explain with him in Marseille before blaming him for being too close to Zidane. That’s when he offered us a wonderful: “He is the only person in the world who knows the exact number of pubic hairs Zinedine Zidane has on his family jewels. » Dugarry paid him back by reminding everyone that Evra was part of the Knysna bus strikers and that he had no lesson to take from him. Clash as we like it.

7. Thierry Ardisson and Alessandra Sublet

We don’t know why, but for several years, Ardisson decided to take a dislike to Alessandra Sublet. He criticized him for spending his time laughing on his shows, doing bad interviews and lacking culture. After that, he squarely accused her of stealing, with C to youthe concept of an old show of his, 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Sublet always responded by wondering why Ardisson needed to clash with her so much, and we imagine that she wouldn’t be very keen to work with him one day.

8. Benjamin Castaldi and Christophe Beaugrand

At the origin of the disagreement between the two animators: Secret Story. Castaldi had dropped the show to look elsewhere, and Beaugrand had taken over the animation. Until 2017, everything was fine, but Castaldi took a tweet from a viewer who said the show was much better since Beaugrand hosted it. Pissed off, he shit on the audiences and the production of Secret Story since he left, and Beaugrand told him, basically, that it wasn’t cool. All because of a user.

9. Enora Malagré and Christophe Dechavanne

For several years, when she was a columnist on TPMP, Enora Malagré spent her time clashing with Dechavanne, saying in particular that he was odious. The host initially replied that he did not know her, then that she was lying about her assertions. Enora didn’t stop there, constantly criticizing Dechavanne’s programs and calling him corny. Well, apparently the two aren’t going to go bowling together.

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