Top 9 foods that affect your mood the most

Many external elements influence our mood: the weather, social interactions, news on TV, the number of views on our last story, but also food. However, oddly we tend to give a shit about steaks in this last category. It’s stupid because all kinds of foods play strongly on our good or bad mood, you’ll see it’s going to block a corner.

1. Happy hour cookies give you headaches

Oh great. We’re going to have fun at the aperitif with a bowl of radishes, kale leaves and crushed banana verrines. Well yes. Imagine that we’re really going to have fun, it’s not even a metaphor. Quite simply because the biscuits that we usually eat as an aperitif will, on the contrary, put you in a bad mood, these little bastards. These processed foods often contain monosodium glutamate, an uncool thing that tends to cause headaches. You will only have to open your eyes on the label of your packages.

2. Coffee can make you irritable

Well I tell you that but at the same time it depends. Yes I know it’s a shitty answer but I find as many sources that say that coffee can be good for your health as sources that say the opposite. So we’re going to cut the pear in half, it seems that coffee makes you a pain in the ass from the moment you drink it like pigs. As with everything, you have to know how to keep reason.

Top 9 foods that affect your mood the most
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3. French fries make you sick

Fries are good. Everyone likes it. Anyway, I know a person who doesn’t like it, but he’s a big jester. In short, fries are good at the time, but like all foods saturated with fat, they affect our serotonin and therefore our mood.

If you feel like slapping and insulting your neighbour. Look no further: it’s just that you ate fries (perhaps unknowingly) two hours earlier.

Top 9 foods that affect your mood the most

4. Sweets will make you depressed

Bah super sweets tss. I thought it was just a happy thing we ate during birthday parties EH BAH NO. Sweets are crap that cause hyperactivity, insomnia, and low spirits. It even seems that sweets influence your style of dress by making you wear, for example, a denim jacket over denim jeans, but that has yet to be proven.

5. Dark chocolate improves your memory

Be careful, I said “dark chocolate” don’t play dumb because it doesn’t work with other kinds of white chocolate, milk chocolate and all the shit we find that is sweeter than chocolate.

The problem is that pure dark chocolate, we all agree that it’s disgusting.

6. Asparagus will make you sleep better

Benefits of eating asparagus: sleep well, improve memory, take care of your brain, fight depression and anxiety.

Disadvantages of eating asparagus: stink of pee.

7. Spinach (and basically greens) will make you a more likeable person.

We knew it but it is dangerously confirmed: green vegetables, even if many of them are among the most tasteless foods, are rather good for health. It’s normal too with all their folic acids there tsss, azi imsoul.

Top 9 foods that affect your mood the most

8. Green tea will get you in shape

Can we say that all green stuff is good for your health? Until proven otherwise, yes. Green tea is indeed known for its antioxidant properties. Like me.

9. Pure vodka will make you drunk

As crazy as it sounds, 45% alcohol is going to have terrible effects on your mood starting with feeling dizzy, talking a lot of bullshit and puking at you. So take a little green tea and an asparagus and it won’t seem like it anymore.

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