Top 9 Effects of Orgasm on the Body Other than Feeling Good

Yes ! That’s it ! Finally you are there! Whether solo, or with one or more partners, orgasm hits your buddy with a bouquet of flowers and a plethora of other effects on your body. Welcome to the world where pleasure is king, where the desire to cuddle is queen, where logic takes a vacation. Welcome to the world of orgasm.

1. Your heartbeat is racing

This element seems obvious but I must mention it all the same. The more you approach the paroxysm of pleasure, the more the tension rises, and the more your cardio accelerates. He reaches the maximum at the moment of orgasm, then releases everything suddenly, which gives the impression of finishing a sprint and finally resting calmito with a mojito in the poquito (it doesn’t mean anything) .

Top 9 Effects of Orgasm on the Body Other than

2. Squirting works your muscles

So yes, you probably felt it too, but if we talk about cardio, final sprint and maximum tension, your muscles are obviously hard at work. So no, it’s not a weight training session and you’ll never come out tanked like a tractor-trailer. The places where it works the most are your genitals, vagina, uterus, penis, perineum and even anus. And that is cool.

3. Oxytocin is coming in full force

Oxytocin is a molecule released by the brain during orgasm and is known as the bonding hormone. Basically, during orgasm and a little after, you want to cuddle. If you’re solo it’s more difficult but as a couple or more, then it becomes a very good time. Be careful, you risk falling in love with your tinder date, when it was basically just for one night.

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4. Bonus for women: oxytocin continues to release after orgasm

Finally, more than men what, which means that perhaps some women want more hugs than men.

Interesting fact: oxytocin is released during orgasm and during breastfeeding. So yes, they are two completely different sensations (you don’t cum when you breastfeed), but this hormone works the same way to create an attachment bond.

5. Squirting reduces the risk of breast cancer

Another beneficial effect of oxytocin (decidedly it can do everything this little thing), it is its potential reduction of the risks of breast cancer, by preventing the proliferation of their cancerous cells. Ditto for prostate cancer in men, it goes into risk reduction.

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6. The logical part of your brain shuts down, causing all anxiety to disappear

Already must admit that during the sexual act, all that is logical in you is drinking tea in a secluded corner of your brain. This part is the orbitofrontal cortex, which shuts down completely during orgasm. It allows you to put aside for a short time all fear and anxiety, but on the other hand you are unable to solve any quantum equation. That’s why everyone who makes S ken less.

7. Enjoying soothes migraines (and all other pains in general)

Endorphin is another molecule released by the brain during orgasm. Its properties are painkiller and a study linked in the sources at the bottom of this article shows that in 60% of cases, sexual intercourse with orgasm reduces headaches. No more doliprane, hello orgasm.

Warning: if you break your leg, don’t start frantically masturbating and go to the hospital.

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8. A big shot of dopamine in the face

Because the brain hasn’t finished releasing everything it has during orgasm, here comes the dopamine. Dopamine is not responsible for any crime, except that of creating in you a feeling of pleasure, desire, even motivation (like to finish your dissertation lol). And obviously, during orgasm, you take a massive dose of it. Expected result: you feel maximum pleasure.

9. After orgasm, you want to pounce

In both sexes, the parasympathetic nervous system activates after orgasm and begins to regulate the sex beast that you are. The brain then releases serotonin, in order to relax you, and very often, this leads to a small urge to take a nap and to snore severely without taking the time to brush your teeth.

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Here I tried to popularize it as well as possible so as not to give you a medical course. Stay tuned to others and to yourself, be kind, otherwise I’ll come to undo your laces aggressively.

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