Top 9 destinations that feel like stepping back in time, back to the future

Time travel does exist! All you need is a backpack and a plane ticket to go back in time…it all really depends on your destination. Here are some travel ideas that will make you feel like Marty McFly.

1. Havana (Cuba)

Unless you stall on a deckchair in Varadero, Cuba offers a brutal throwback to the 1950s, at a time when cars polluted more than the Exxon Valdez, when businesses had only a few products on the shelves, and when good Communists hated bad Americans (unless it was the other way around). And if we had to retain only one postcard from this journey through time, it would necessarily be in Havana, condensed from a parallel world, cut off from the frenetic race that the rest of the world is engaged in. For better and for worse.

2. Luang Prabang (Laos)

You’re going to say to yourself that we’re staring at communist countries, and it’s true that if you think about it for two seconds, this choice of society appears to us, capitalists by choice or by default, like a return to the past. Laos is therefore one of the heirs of Mao and his clique, and if cities like Vientiane smell of hammer and sickle, others like Luang Prabang take us rather to the time of French colonization (before 1946) and its quaint charm.

3. Bucharest (Romania)

Another former stronghold of the USSR. Apart from the austere architecture of its administrative buildings, Bucharest has retained this charm of the 70s and 80s, where families and old people spent their weekends strolling in public parks, arguing over a game of chess, or fighting with cotton candy (the candy, not the hipsters).

4. Prague (Czech Republic)

The Czech capital had the chance to pass between the bombs during the Second World War and thus to keep intact its incredible Gothic heritage (XIVth and XVth century), Baroque (XVIIIth) and modernist (XXth). At more than 1100 years old, the New Jerusalem wanted by Emperor Charles IV has barely aged and will give you the feeling of evolving in the middle of a game of Dark Souls III (if you don’t know, ask Nostromo).

5. Alsisar (India)

Former resort of the Maharajas, Alsisar has now become a village of 300 souls and almost as many abandoned palaces in the middle of the Rajasthan desert. And given that you get around mainly on foot or by bike, that the streets are dirt and that there are more cows than shops, expect a hell of a step back. Except at the end of December when Alsisar hosts the Magnetic Fields Festival and turns into a temple of electronic music. Another kind of time travel.

6. Siem Reap (Cambodia)

The city itself is a huge tourist mess as the starting point for excursions to Angkor and the surrounding floating villages. It is the latter that interest us, because even if their visit has become a tourist trap over time, it is still possible to get off the beaten track and organize your own journey with the people who live on Tonle Sap Lake ( largest in Southeast Asia). By moped and then by boat, visiting these floating villages is also a surprising leap into the past.

7. Tombstone (Arizona, USA)

Even stronger than the series Westworld, direction the city of Tombstone in Arizona, which has preserved in its juice what made its history: the battle of OK Corral in 1881, made famous by the film with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. And if you are fans of cowboys and the wild west, the area should please you.

8. Hahoe Village (South Korea)

Koreans call them folk villages. The idea is to perpetuate ancestral traditions and lifestyles. That of Hahoe faithfully reproduces the daily life of the inhabitants in the 16th century, without scabies.

9. Si Phan Don or the 4000 Islands (Laos)

Even if it means taking a trip to the past, as much as it is to do yourself good. The 4000 islands in the south of Laos flow happy days on the waters of the Mekong. And for good reason, you can only access it by canoe. On these 4000 islands and islets, we advise you above all to put your backpack at Don Det, a kind of landmark for babies attracted by the vapors of rolled cigarettes. Here, the menus are all happy, not in homage to friend Ronald, but for their ability to make you laugh for nothing. Don Det is Bali in the 70s.

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