Top 9 Creepy Stories Behind Cartoon Characters From Our Childhood

Cartoons are most often aimed at children, so we generally expect them to be rather cheerful, so as not to disturb the kids too much. However, some cartoon heroes hide very dark and gloomy stories that it would be better not to tell to kids, under penalty of making them cry, even traumatizing them.

1. Casper is actually the ghost of a little boy who died of pneumonia.

The little ghost’s past isn’t often talked about, but he’s actually the ghost of a little boy named Casper McFadden whose mother died giving birth to him. He lived with his father until he was 12, then caught pneumonia while sledding and died. Not wanting to leave his father alone, he decided to stay in ghost form. It’s very sad, isn’t it?

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

2. Huey, Dewey and Louie, Donald’s nephews, probably killed their father

In the comics, we learn that they are the sons of Dumbella Duck, Donald’s twin sister, and that they sent their father to the hospital because of a prank they played on him with firecrackers. Their father never returned, and their mother left them in the care of their uncle Donald. We don’t know about you, but it’s really hurting our morale.

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

3. Astro Boy was rejected by his creator

Astro Boy is a robot with feelings. Its creator, Umataro Tenma, had designed it like this to replace his recently deceased son. But he finally changed his mind and decided to sell it to a circus. Fortunately, Professor Orchanomizu decided to take him out of there and adopted him, but still, it’s terrible. His father sold him to a circus, do you realize? It doesn’t happen too much.

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

4. Babar’s mother was killed by a hunter

If Babar is dressed like a human, it is primarily because his mother was killed when he was little. Because of that, he fled to end up arriving, exhausted, in a city. There, the Old Lady took him in and raised him as a human. Afterwards, he returned to the savannah and was elected king since the previous one had died due to poisonous mushrooms. It’s happy in pachyderms, huh?

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

5. Garfield’s Odie is actually an abandoned dog.

Initially, Odie was the dog of Lyman, Jon’s roommate. But when Lyman was cut from the comics, he didn’t take Odie with him. The dog was adopted by Jon, but we are sure that deep down he still suffers from having lost his first master. We don’t hurt dogs, okay?

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

6. Shredder Killed Master Splinter’s Master

The rat that trains the ninja turtles in martial arts was a simple rat before becoming a mutant under the effect of chemicals (like the 4 turtles). His master was called Hamato Yoshi and he practiced martial arts. Splinter, still a mere rat at the time, learned to fight by watching and imitating him. But following an argument, Shredder killed Hamato Yoshi, leaving the orphaned Splinter to fend for himself. He may be an ugly rat, but it still hurts us.

7. Smurfette was created to trap Smurfs

Originally, she was brown, and it was Gargamel who designed her to harm the little blue men. Besides, we can say that the recipe was not very nice for her: “A bit of coquetry, a solid layer of bias, three crocodile tears, a linnet’s brain, viper’s tongue powder, a carat of trickery, a handful of anger, a finger of fabric of lies, sewn of white thread, of course, a bushel of gluttony, a quarteron of bad faith, a dice of unconsciousness, a dash of pride, a hint of envy, a touch of sentimentality, a part of stupidity and a part of cunning , a lot of volatile spirit and a lot of stubbornness, a candle burned at both ends. »

Did you say sexist?

8. The skull that the Milky Pokémon wears on its head is that of its mother.

The pokédex tells us that Osselait’s mother died at birth and that he recovered her skull to wear as a mask. It must not be easy to build yourself psychologically by constantly living with the memory of your dead mother on your face. Moreover, it seems that Osselait evolves into Ossatueur only when he has finally mourned his mother.

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

9. Timmy Turner has magical godparents because his parents neglect him.

We don’t know if you remember the cartoon my godparents are magic, but if in doubt, we’ll redo the synopsis for you: basically Timmy has magical godfathers. That’s all. In short, his two godfathers, Cosmo and Wanda, are kind of fairies who make his wishes come true. It sounds great said like that, except that if he is entitled to this preferential treatment, it is because nobody takes care of him. His parents are never home, his babysitter is a sadist who abuses him, and he gets bullied at school. He would surely have been happier with a normal childhood.

Top 9 creepy stories behind cartoon characters from our childhood

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