Top 9 companies that give big benefits to their employees

Did you really choose your job well? Because doing an interesting activity with nice colleagues and a good salary is great, but does your company give you big benefits? If this is not the case, I invite you to turn to the companies on this list. Companies that do not hesitate to spoil their employees without any limits.

1. EDF employees have a 90% discount on the price of electricity

If you want, I’ll turn it around for you: EDF employees only pay 10% of their electricity, and that also applies to retirees who have spent at least 15 years in the box. If we add to that the fact that EDF employees can have up to 5 weeks of additional vacation, we are on very valuable benefits that make you want to stay in the box forever.

Top 9 companies that give big benefits to their employees

2. Air France employees are well on the price of plane tickets

In addition to having an excellent CE, profit-sharing bonuses and RTTs, Air France employees (and their immediate family) can benefit from very large reductions on the price of plane tickets, or even free tickets on some flights. It can be understood but that will not prevent us from being wickedly jealous.

3. Netflix employees have unlimited vacations

So yes it just sounds great, and it sure is very cool, but in practice this kind of policy serves to empower employees. None of them are going to spend the whole year on vacation because everyone still has a lot of work and everyone is judged on their work. Basically, you’re freer, you’re cool, you take vacations when you want, but don’t play dumb either.

4. Asana employees get $10,000 to “customize their workspace”

That means that we give them a check to spend on decoration, furniture and computers to work in good conditions. With that, they also have a chef who prepares meals for them every lunchtime, and that’s maybe even better than a check for $10,000.

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5. At Facebook US, employees are entitled to laundry service

Well, in fact, they are entitled to lots of things: medical expenses, transport and meals are reimbursed, and they are given $4,000 as a birth bonus. But we have to admit that the idea of ​​the free laundry service is quite original and rather cool.

6. Square employees can take a taxi home for free

At Square, an American box of online payments, if you stay a little later to work overtime, we pay you the taxi so that you don’t have to hit public transport. Well, ok, it encourages you to work longer, but going home by taxi is still a comfort that you can’t refuse.

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7. Google takes care of your car maintenance when you’re at work

Well, let it be said, Google already offers lots of salary benefits, bonuses and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. But the little more original of Google in the United States is that the company offers to wash and drain the car of employees in the parking lot while they are at the office. Exactly the thing that we never have time to do on a daily basis.

8. VMware offers 2 days of vacation to employees who have lost a pet

All companies give their employees time off when they lose a loved one, but most only do so if that loved one is a human. For VMware, an American computer company, that also applies to pets, even if they had lame names like Moustache, Pupuce, Loulou or Patrick. It’s classy of them.

1656076328 298 Top 9 companies that give big benefits to their employees

9. Lot18 employees are entitled to two weeks vacation including flights

The company that sells wine online knows how to make its employees suffer by offering them a complicated dilemma: in addition to their annual leave, either they have 4 weeks of additional leave, or “only” 2 weeks but with plane flights paid by the company. It’s hot.

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