Top 9 big bosses who are not adored by their employees (those who do not spin…

Leading a large company requires confidence, determination and a cup of coffee with “the best boss in the world” written on it. But that’s not all, you also have to know how to galvanize your employees and push them to give the best of themselves without resorting to what is called in the jargon of labor laws “methods of motherfuckers” . Because forcing employees to exceed their hours, paying them a pittance or simply creating a climate of fear in the office is clearly not the right method. We are going to see together a list of the big bosses who do not necessarily inspire only love in the people who work for them.

1. Martin Shkreli (Turing Pharmaceuticals)

Already when people call you “the most hated man in the United States” you have a good clue as to whether you will win the palm of the assholes. You may remember the guy, it was he who had twice raised the price of two drugs: Thiola (to treat orphan diseases whose price had been multiplied by 20) and Daraprim (for people with AIDS, the price of which had been multiplied by 50).

Not stopping there, Shkreli also purchased a single-selling Wu Tang hip-hop group album and threatened to destroy it. He also expressed the desire to do it with a Kanye West album and prevent the whole world from being able to enjoy it.

Subsequently, several scandals broke out, such as that of a scam based on the Ponzi pyramid which is one of the most well-known scam systems and then a conviction to pay a heavy fine. As much to say to you that in the office one should not speak about him in good.

2. Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation)

The great press magnate of Australian origin clearly weighs in the game. We could list the stuff that the billionaire owns, but that would be indecent (Fox News and the Fox group, the New York Post and a bunch of other newspapers around the world). The problem is that Murdoch has often been accused of influencing his newspapers politically, so as not to do too much harm to his friends in the political class.

Judged by Reporter Without Borders as the typical example of the man “starting from nothing to conquer the world”, some employees have already anonymously declared that “the reputation of the company is well deserved” since “some teams are very aggressive to promote the political point of view of the enterprise”. Asking journalists to sit on their principles and those of the press in general, it’s not super coolos.

3. Elon Musk (Tesla)

Well, we were talking about Elon Musk’s coolest moves, in which we could still find little nuggets. Employees fired for trying to unionize, convictions for breaking the labor code, false telework authorizations that end in letters of dismissal… You get the picture. By dint of making grandiloquent declarations and repeated polemical tweets, we imagine quite well that the employees must freak out their mothers a little as soon as they make a crooked fart, enough to put a frankly shitty atmosphere in the cafeteria.

4.Steve Jobs (Apple)

When your own daughter writes a book about how cruel you were, you’ve succeeded in your educational mission. Considered a genius (nice for Steve Wozniak, the real computer guy in the strip) or a complete asshole by some employees, Jobs was a complex figure.

Colleagues, business partners, employees… There are many sources that bring a rather negative image of the character. “He expected us to worship the ground on which he walked”, “he behaved like a perfect asshole”, in short, at Apple salt is not only in the canteen. And at the same time that’s what, you don’t become one of the most influential figures in the world by offering chocolates, you have to stir up these incapable employees by being condescending and demanding, that’s just what works (no).

5. Donald Trump (Trump Organization)

Before being “president” of the United States, Donald Trump was a businessman who started from scratch. Finally nothing, the immense fortune of the family what. You see roughly the image that stuck to the character during his tenure? So I imagine that there is not necessarily a need to sketch the image that his employees may have of him. And at the same time having a big misogynistic redneck as a boss, well, that must still send a little and change from all these nice and respectful bosses. At least he dabbled in conflict of interest cases and played golf, which are two boxes any good boss should tick.

6. Patrick Drahi (SFR)

Arrived in the top 3 of the most hated bosses in France in 2017, Patrick Drahi proves in more than one way that he has his place in this top. His employees don’t like him too much and he reciprocates by declaring, for example, “I don’t like paying salaries, I pay as little as possible” or “The Chinese work 24 hours a day and the Americans only take two weeks vacation.

With sentences like that, you immediately feel the boss who wants the best for his company. Renowned for firing the biggest salaries and performing internal earthquakes, some suppliers also claim that he uses a so-called “boa” technique, which consists of “suffocating the supplier to renegotiate prices”. Frankly, it’s still something other than your benevolent bosses who offer you pastries.

7. Delphine Ernotte (France Television)

In second place of the directors least loved by their employees in 2017, we also found Delphine Ernotte. Already his appointment at the head of France Television had not been smooth since the editorial staff of France 3 and France 2 had denounced the fact that the new director was elected in a rather opaque manner by a group of close people. Barely in place, Ernotte had caused a sensation by firing Julien Lepers and declaring “We have a television of white men over 50, and that will have to change“. If the remarks are not particularly false, the actions were a bit more radical and the rattle had risen in the various newsrooms of the chains. At the same time frankly the French complain all the time too, it’s boring.

8. Bernard Arnault (LVMH)

Frankly, we could say a lot of things about the huge LVMH group, but we might as well leave it to those who do it better, like François Ruffin in the documentary “Thank you boss! “. Following the film, the newspaper “Le Parisien”, which belongs to the LVMH group, was banned from writing on the subject, which was average. It’s stupid because behind, the film and its director had made the front page of the prestigious New York Times which described the film as a “documentary in the guerrilla style”. Too bad Bernard on this one, it’s a little Streisand effect.

9. Vincent Bolloré (Canal +, Vivendi, many other companies)

The best. The boss. The champion. The condor (choose the spelling that suits you). Here is a man who knows how to lead, and this is precisely one of the reasons to adore Vincent Bolloré. A sketch that goes wrong? So send back this intermittent. A sports journalist who disagrees? Fuck him as a commentator for the Marseille petanque league. Unhappy employees? Install a climate of fear so that they dare to denounce this one only anonymously. Latex puppets that bother a few friends? Put it away in the boxes and let’s not talk about it anymore.

Everything succeeds for the most famous Breton in the world (sorry Nolwenn Leroy) and it’s precisely because he doesn’t let himself be bothered by people who complain about the lack of diversity of yoghurts at the canal cantoche. The great liner of the most iconic chain in France was about to sink, Vincent Bolloré made it dock on the still hot corpse of canal humor. Well done champ.

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