Top 9 actors whose life was screwed up by a series, thank you Game of Thrones

They may play in great series that work, that everyone loves, that everyone watches for years, in short, they may live an unequaled celebrity, some actors have sometimes had their life a little ruined by a role. Well, we’re not talking about interstellar losers either, like having to be a waiter again and taking acting lessons because we no longer have a career, but more about the fact that they had a hard time finding great roles after their consecration .

1. Jason Momoa

Little Jason played Khal Drogo so well in GoT that no one believed he spoke English and it took him a very long time to bounce back after the series ended. The balls the glands, the boogers hanging down.

2. Jack Gleeson

Not easy to embody one of the most hated characters of all the series in the world world. This swelling of Joffrey Lannister was thus hated by Internet users as he played his character well. But overall we can’t say that his life is ruined since he decided to stop acting anyway to devote himself fully to his studies.

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She may have played Buffy the blood-sucking vampire ripper wonderfully and have signed some popular hits like Sex Intentions or Remember last summer during the same period as the series, but her post-Buffy career took a hit. . We didn’t want to see her in another kind of role and especially not older roles. So she started writing cookbooks. Finally, it’s not the end of the world when you know that she pocketed a lot of sub-sub and in addition she married Freddie Prinze Junior so we will not cry either.

4. David Schwimmer

Our good old David played Ross so much in Friends that he struggled to pass the slightest post-Friends audition. It’s still stupid. What is it about? He is a very good Schwimmer actor, but his character has stuck with him too much and it will be necessary to wait quite a while before seeing him again point the tip of his nose in quality series like American Crime Story. On the other hand, he made a discreet transition on the production side (notably for American podcasts like Homecoming).

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

The one we always remember like Carrie Bradshaw had a great career before sticking it on Sex and the City (Ed Wood, Mars Attack! and a bunch of other more or less successful films). And yet nothing to do, Sarah Jessica Parker = Carrie Bradshaw and nothing to fuck the rest. Well it’s fine, it’s not death either.

6.Jason Alexander

While all the actors of the cult series Seinfeld continued their careers after the series. Jerry Seinfeld taking over the stage, Julia Louis-Dreyfus with the Veep series and Michael Richards who has become racist, and well who is left? There remains Jason Alexander who doesn’t do much except play poker and donate his winnings to charity.

7. Jon Hamm

Another dark story of too good interpretation of a cultural character in this case Don Draper, the sexy and impassive advertiser from Mad Men that the actor perfectly embodies. That’s the problem, since the show he’s only had roles like Don Draper, while he looks so awesome that guy, I’ll pay to see him in any role. Like, I’ll pay a normal movie ticket price.

8. Lauren Ambrose

She was great in Six Feet Under but ultimately she didn’t do much else other than that and a small role in the final season of The X-Files. Misfortune and suffering despite strong seductive freckles.

9. Kenny McCormick

His very hard-hitting character in the Southpark series caused him a lot of worry in his career, in fact the writers systematically wanted to kill him as quickly as possible, which inevitably shortened the life of his characters and their opportunity to exist.

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