Top 8 worst marriages in history, when you really don’t want to say “yes”

We are in the middle of wedding season and it is full of champagne, sugared almonds and joy. But if all marriages are not happy in the long term, the ceremonies, too, can be slightly boring. Either because an intruder has sneaked in to spoil the atmosphere, or because the bride and groom are not scammed by the organizer, or quite simply because the wedding… does not exist.

1. The wedding guests were actors

Mr. Young has found love. They saw each other again and three years later they got married. Except that on her wedding day, the groom’s parents were not there. Luckily he had 200 guests. However, the in-laws began to have doubts while chatting with these strange friends who didn’t seem to know much about the groom. And for good reason. The man had paid 200 actors (the equivalent of 10 euros each) to furnish his wedding. Sad and creepy.

2. The wedding cake was polystyrene

Hiring a wedding planner for your wedding can be a bad idea. This is what Shine Tamayo and Jhon Chen, a Filipino couple who found themselves in trouble after discovering that the caterer had delivered nothing to eat except a wedding cake with a good taste of plastic, can tell you. since it was made of polystyrene (guaranteed gluten-free). In short, a nice scam of which the young couple was the victim.

3. The marriage turns into a fight with the police

It was a marriage of good nags that took place in Limoges, with its share of big cars, on Saturday afternoon. Small problem, the crates were blocking traffic and transport. And when the police intervened they were insulted and sent to shit. Not to mention that the amount of the collection made during the ceremony seems to have been stolen. Well here’s not a crazy wedding even if the atmosphere looked giga cool.

4. The photographer was crazy

Katie Mehta is hired as a wedding photographer. It wouldn’t be so bad if she had just slept with a guest at the party. The problem is that when she was asked to leave the premises for inappropriate behavior she started doing anything like pissing on a tree while screaming before being taken away by the police and claiming that all the guests would die before next Christmas.

5. The bride attacked with a saber

While a wedding was taking place at the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, a man arrives in the middle of the ceremony to ask for a fire. Well in itself nothing too crazy. But it turns out that no one has a fire (people don’t smoke these days, it’s outrageous). The man takes this refusal rather badly and begins to insult everyone. Neither one nor two he gets kicked out of the ceremony. The story could have ended there. But the man, well reassembled, came back this time with a saber and had time to hurt the bride before being immobilized. But let’s reassure ourselves a good dance of the ducks on it and we quickly get back into the festive atmosphere.

6. The wedding organized by the police to arrest all the traffickers in the area

This story dates back to the late 80s when the city of Flint in Michigan was considered the shittest city in the United States given the very high number of unemployed, drug addicts and drug dealers concentrated per square meter. There were so many that it was a bit difficult to stop them. The investigators then in charge of dismantling this local drug trade had the absurd idea of ​​organizing a fake wedding in order to casually invite all the drug barons and rely on their drunkenness to obtain their confessions and arrest them live. The plan worked. All the dealers were arrested and as all the party ingredients were there for this fake wedding, we continued to have fun and drink, after all it would be stupid to deprive ourselves.

The Flint Police Department’s plan was simple: Officers would throw a fake wedding, invite 40 suspected drug dealers, and arrest all of them.

Posted by The Atlantic on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

7. The bride was drunk…and not getting married.

It’s never a good idea to be stern on the morning of the day you have to walk down the aisle. But that Amber Young doesn’t give a damn and starts her wedding party the morning before the ceremony. We are in March 2018 in Arizona, she is drunk in a wedding dress, she causes an accident with three other cars. The image of the young woman in a wedding dress with handcuffs was quickly shared on the web. Except that in fact it seems that little Amber was dressed only in a summer dress and used the wedding as an excuse to have a little party. Chelo, people.

An Arizona woman, dubbed the “DUI Bride,” told cops she was in a rush to get to her wedding after allegedly causing a three-car crash.

Posted by Inside Edition on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

8. While the atmosphere is at the rendezvous, the uncle of the bride launches the tube “And when he farts he pierces his panties”

So many marriages suffer each year from these uncontrolled slippages which plunge the ceremony of love into stupor and shame… We showed it to you in weddings in honest version infographics.

And since we like news items but we are not cruel, we have skipped you over far too gloomy marriages with a dead fiancé, a child cut up or whatever you want more despicable. We had our fill with GoT’s Red Weddings.

Source: Listverse, Buzzfeed, BFMTV

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