Top 8 very rare and very boring medical cases, people who have no luck

We are not all equal in the face of illness, it is a fact. There are people who can walk around in a t-shirt in January and never catch a cold and on the contrary, there are those who spend their time blowing their nose while wearing three scarves and two down jackets. We have already told you about the rarest diseases and annoying diseases even if they are not serious. Well today, we make a combo of the two: here are the rare medical cases, boring and a little serious all the same. We wish you with all our heart not to catch these things.

1. Recto-urethral fistula: the man who ejaculated through the rectum

In 2021, a man arrived at the hospital with truly excruciating symptoms: he describes urine and semen leaking from his rectum and feces coming out through his urethra. Already, we all want to vomit. After examinations, the doctors concluded that there was a rectourethral fistula and a colovesical fistula, an extremely rare case where the rectum and the urethra communicate. Horrible.

2. Medical chimerism: the woman who had two DNAs

In 2002, an American (Lydia Fairchild) discovers that, according to DNA analysis, she is not the biological mother of her two children when she gave birth to them and they were conceived in a natural way. . In fact, this is an extremely rare case of chimerism: Lydia Fairchild is the result of the in utero fusion of two embryos. When Lydia’s mother was pregnant, she was expecting twins at the very beginning of her pregnancy. The two embryos have merged into a single fetus which therefore carries the two distinct DNAs. Some cells in Lydia’s body therefore contain her sister’s genome and others hers.

3. Hypermnesia: people with absolute memory

There is amnesia and then there is the opposite: hypermnesia. People with this disorder are endowed with an exceptional memory, they can remember almost all the moments of their life since their early childhood and are able to relive them. Does it sound nice said like that? It really isn’t. Already, patients have a hard time making room for new memories and moreover, they remember perfectly all the bad times they have experienced (we don’t wish that on anyone).

Top 8 very rare and very boring medical cases, people who have no luck

4. Capgras syndrome: the delusion of look-alikes

Capgras syndrome is a very rare and unbearable psychiatric disorder on a daily basis. Patients with this disorder are convinced that their loved ones have been replaced by look-alikes. Regardless of the evidence that can be brought to them, they sincerely believe that impostors wish them harm and that their real loved ones are possibly being held somewhere. Medium fun.

5. Trimethylaminuria: rotten fish smell syndrome

Trimethylaminuria is a metabolic problem that causes a very strange body change: a strong smell of rotten fish. This disease is caused by a problem in the production of an enzyme called FMO3. In this specific case, the body is no longer able to metabolize the trimethylamine that accumulates. When it is eliminated through sweat, urine and exhalation, one can smell a strong smell of rotten fish. So unpleasant.

Top 8 very rare and very boring medical cases, people who have no luck

6. Exploding Head Syndrome: The Worst Sleep Disorder

Exploding head syndrome is a very rare sleep disorder. When falling asleep or when she is just asleep, the person will have a hallucination: an explosion sound very close to her head. Some people think they hear a door slamming, others fireworks or a shooting. It’s not a serious syndrome, it’s just very annoying.

7. Foreign Accent Syndrome: A Weird Speech Problem

After a head injury, some people may wake up speaking their native language with a foreign accent. It’s rare, it’s not very serious but it’s still very boring. In fact, it’s not really an accent but a change in speech that is difficult (but possible) to correct.

Top 8 very rare and very boring medical cases, people who have no luck

8. Cold allergy: a tricky problem in winter

As there are a lot of strange allergies, there is obviously a cold allergy which is characterized by a giant hives on the areas that have been exposed. People with this disease cannot eat ice cream or drinks that are too cold and should avoid snow or water that is too cold.

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