Top 8 urban legends about brands, the weirdest conspiracies

The Internet is a privileged space for exchanging, feeding and bringing out conspiracy theories. Anywhere, anytime, on anything and everything. Famous brands are no exception since, according to some conspiracy theorists, some clearly disseminate hateful, racist messages. Of the conspiratorial conspiracy of the conspiracy which does not fail to make us poiler.

1. Marlboro, infiltrated by the KKK?

A conspiracy theory we’ve been hearing about for years: many people see three “K’s” appearing in the red areas on the front, back and bottom of the package. KKK as Klu Klux Klan. They must have made a funny face the guys dressed as ghosts when the packages became neutral.

Top 8 urban legends about brands, the weirdest conspiracies

2. Or, anti-Semitic Marlboro?

Returning the package, some have the impression of reading “orobl jew”, close to “horrible jew” (= “horrible Jew”). Yes, it’s a bit far-fetched. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Some push the analysis even further! By keeping the packet upside down, and hiding the bottom of the letters, some people see, in the parts of the visible “M” and “L”, two pairs of legs hanging in the air, like “two hanged”. For some unknown reason, they decree that they are members of Jews and black people.

Top 8 urban legends about brands, the weirdest conspiracies

3. The Vans, anti-Semites?

If you wear a pair of Vans, look at your sole. Carefully. See the little shapes on the top?? Yes ?? And…? Indeed, they strongly resemble the Star of David! If the anti-defamation league sees it as simple drawings, the detractors of the brand, they interpret it as a message of hatred. For them, placing this motif under a shoe could be interpreted as “I step on the Jews”. WOKAYYYY.

Top 8 urban legends about brands, the weirdest conspiracies

4. Starbucks, satanist?

Another theory that requires digging into the archives, bringing out the logo that is no longer in force, turning it over, to imagine, even, in the tail of the mermaid, the horns of Baphomet. In other words: of the devil.

5. Monster too?

Guys who probably had a lot of free time available, compared the bars of the “M” of the mark, with Hebrew characters. According to them, each “line” actually corresponds to the character “Vau”, number “6”, in Hebrew writing. They then come to the conclusion that three bars = 666 = devil.

6. Camel featuring Manneken-Pis

Ok, good there, you really have to force it, and use your imagination as much as possible. The Belgian designer of the famous camel would have hidden a small Manneken-Pis in the logo. Do you see it ? Nope ? Force a little… Still not? It’s normal.

Top 8 urban legends about brands, the weirdest conspiracies

7. Dollar bills, preachers of the September 11 attacks?

Ok, it’s not a brand, but it fits a bit into the marketing/economy thing. Nope ? Come on, please… While having fun folding banknotes, old from the 1990s (so, before the tragedy), a disturbing shape appears. While some see only an abstract shape, conspiracy theorists see the burning WTC towers in it. Even more astonishing, a sort of chronology of events seems to be emerging, from the $5 note to the $50 note. A good big bunch of bullshit in short.

8. Moam

Well… do I really need to draw you a picture? Some see in these packages a rather perverse side, that honestly… Well yeah, I can understand, yeah.

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