Top 8 unusual things that happened at polling stations in the first round of…

You may not know it but yesterday was the first round of the presidential elections, a crazy day where there were many surprises throughout the day to finally have an expected, zero and discouraging result. We’re not going to dwell on it since neither you nor I want to and anyway it wouldn’t change anything. On the other hand, unusual little things happened during the day as we showed you with the funny photos taken in the polling stations.

1. Anne Hidalgo ballots forgotten for more than two hours in a polling station in Pau

It was almost two hours before someone reported that there were no ballots for Anne Hidalgo on the small table, which means that before that NO ONE had noticed. It’s the saddest thing you’ll read today, or the funniest, depending on your point of view.

2. The utility site crashed most of the day

This was the site to consult yesterday for useful information, such as knowing where to go to vote or being able to check that we were indeed on the electoral lists (the kind of thing that we normally do not check at the last moment, but hey, we remains French). There is a moment in five years when the site must be usable and this is when it breaks down… And that’s normal, it’s because of the number of simultaneous connections.

3. Expat voters in Barcelona vote at Camp Nou

Personally, I went to vote in a stupid little primary school with disgusting drawings hanging on the wall, but the immigrants French expatriates from Barcelona had the chance to vote in the mythical Camp Nou sports stadium, a place steeped in history and images of Fabrice Messi, the famous footballer.

4. Four people ran a Mayotte polling station that had only four registered

Located near the Majicavo penitentiary center, this polling station is the one that detainees can use and yesterday there were only four of them registered on the lists. Except that four was also the number of people who stayed in the office all day waiting for the four voters. The counting had to be fast.

5. Voters went to vote on horseback in the Cotentin

They had organized a little horseback ride with their friends to go and vote and they kept their word. After having parked their horses (there must be a real verb for the occasion, but I don’t know the jargon of the horse world) they deposited their envelope in the urn and left proudly for the rest of their Sunday.

Top 8 unusual things that happened at polling stations in the first round of...

6. Glue prevented opening the door of a northern office

There is always a stupid prankster in the small towns, the one who shits in the flowers in front of the town hall or punctures everyone’s tires. This time if it was the famous joke of the glue in the lock which obviously prevented anyone from entering. Usually it’s a locksmith shot.

7. A woman drops her ID card in the ballot box

Panic in Lorient, a woman dropped her identity card in the ballot box instead of her envelope!!!! Horror !! Well I admit it’s not crazy, but if the newspapers talk about it I relay. The problem is that at these times you have to wait until the end of the day to open the ballot box, so she had to come back. It happens, we’ve all had a shitty day.

8. He sits all day in front of a polling station with a sign saying “don’t go there it’s a scam”

He invited people to talk quietly and left his sign in plain sight on which one could read that the vote was not used for much. In the idea I do not necessarily capture the usefulness of staying in front of a polling station all day either but I imagine that it is a difference of point of view.

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