Top 8 TV presenters who are a little too comfortable, calm down Karine

We often wonder if our favorite TV hosts are really nice or if they play a role. It is quite likely that they are all less nice in real life than in the small black box (or rather the large black flat screen bought on sale at Darty, a super deal). We already know that Etchebest likes to shout at people and that Julien Lepers tried to break speech speed records, but there are many other animators who are really too comfortable.

1. Karine Le Marchand and her famous gaydar

The host of Love is in the meadow was recently noticed because of a compilation of several moments from her lives published on TikTok. True to the character of her show, she meets young single people who appear on the screen and asks them questions about their love life. What struck internet users was her familiarity with young men to whom she said: “You’re gay, aren’t you? I was sure, I have a radar! “. A tad inappropriate but less serious than killing horses. Yes, we are talking about you Nagui.

2. Stéphane Plaza’s repeated sex jokes

In all his shows, which are generally identical even if no one dares to say so, Stéphane Plaza likes to make salacious jokes or daring riddles. Often, it’s not even funny and we feel that people want to tell him that they are just looking for a three-room apartment with a terrace and not an orgy proposal.

3. Stephane Bern’s naked shoot

OF COURSE, Stéphane Bern has every right to pose naked in front of the camera with purebred dogs and a bouquet of flowers to hide his penis. Nevertheless, we can say that we were all a little surprised to see these photos without any context. Now, it is a little more difficult to take him seriously when he talks to us about Henry VIII; a bit like when we found pictures of our parents drunk when they were young.

4. Cristina Cordula telling you that your dress is ugly and your skin is dull

It takes a lot of mental toughness to be on a show like Shopping Queens because you know very well that you’re going to be finished by the other candidates AND by Cristina (and besides, you won’t see it until the end of the episode). No matter what you choose, you’re bound to get an unpleasant remark about your body, which is in H and not in 8. Fortunately, it goes much better when it’s accompanied by a thunderous “ma chéééériiiie”.

5. Cyril Hanouna says his guest’s song is shit

People who are too comfortable have no restraint and inevitably, they do not think of turning their tongue 7 times in their mouth before speaking. On the set of his unbearable show, Cyril Hanouna one day landed saying “What the hell is this shit? Pass me something good! “. Not cool for Nicole Scherzinger (and her song Your Love) who was invited on the set just after. Who does the evil one falls in the ravine…

6. Enora Malagré making a fool of herself in front of Pharell Williams

In 2014, Enora Malagré interviews Pharell Williams and unfortunately for her, it’s terribly embarrassing. Despite the detached air of the singer, the columnist speaks to him as if they had raised pigs, ducks and even the kids of the farmers together. We are not going to add too much because she had already taken a wave of hatred in the mouth at the time but it is true that this extract is painful to watch.

7. Valérie Damidot who lines your room with English flags as soon as you turn your back

Well, you just went to London for a week with your fifth grade class and you didn’t really like it because it rained. Now you have a phone booth next to your office and it’s too much of a hassle to take to the recycling center.

8. Michel Drucker with his dog that leaves hair all over the red sofa

He even shit in her hand once.

No it’s not true, a bit of common sense finally…