Top 8 times music has been used to torture people

Basically, music is more intended to do good to our little ears. We listen to songs that make you happy, songs that make you sad, songs that motivate you, songs of whatever you want, but the goal is still to appreciate what you’re listening to. However, as humanity is sometimes really shitty, some have diverted music from its primary purpose and made it a weapon to annoy or even torture others. We don’t greet them.

1. A woman was sentenced for playing Michel Sardou on repeat to her ex

The Mont-de-Marsan court condemned a 65-year-old woman who spent her time broadcasting Michel Sardou thoroughly to piss off her ex. The guy in question had left her and got back together with another woman. They lived with three in the same house that they had divided in two, but the cohabitation was not going very well: the ex-wife was a little too jealous of the news. Suddenly, to get revenge, she cut off the water and electricity of the hut, took pictures of the couple, and, pretty icing on the cake, passed Sardou all the time. Frankly, it almost deserves life in prison.

2. In Oklahoma, prison guards tortured inmates with Baby Shark

Anyone who has ever listened Baby Shark knows that this repetitive song is already an immense torture from the first listening. So now, imagine going through this for several hours in a row: an ordeal. Yet this is what two prison officers in Oklahoma did in 2019 to wake up (and torture) the inmates of their prison. Fortunately, Justice took care of the 2 guys, but the story does not say if they in turn were forced to bang each other Baby Shark endlessly.

3. Baby Shark (again) aired to scare away homeless people

Proof that Baby Shark is a demon song, it was used another time for the purpose of pissing people off. It happened again in 2019, but in Florida this time. The mayor of West Palm Beach was sick of seeing homeless people on the waterfront at night, so he decided to broadcast Baby Shark on loop so they stop squatting the place. That’s one more asshole and one more scandalous anti-homeless device in this world.

4. American soldiers tortured Iraqis with music

During the Iraq War, which began in 2003, there were many acts of torture by Americans against Iraqis. And among their many methods was streaming music at super high volume. Some prisons had a room called the “Disco” where prisoners were locked up for 24 hours with Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen or Metallica blasting. Regardless of the type of music, the principle was to prevent the prisoners from sleeping or even thinking. Something to break the spirit of any human. Really a good shitty war.


5. In Belgium, music was broadcast to scare away Travelers

It happened in 2014, in the municipality of Landen. The mayor was fed up with seeing Travelers set up their caravans on public land, so he used drastic measures: he rented a 14,000 Watt sound system and hired a DJ to broadcast techno until that the guys agree to leave. A success, therefore, except on the human level because it is still quite a bastard as a method.

6. During the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, we tortured with Dalida

From 1974 to 1990, it was the dictator Augusto Pinochet who ruled Chile, and, despite his name with a sympathetic character, we can say that the guy was a piece of trash. Suddenly, at the time, the prison system was not much more glorious and we practiced bullet torture. One of the torturers’ favorite methods was to play Dalida and Julio Iglesias at full volume 24 hours a day to mentally and physically break the prisoners. If there’s a hell these niggas surely rotting there listening Baby Shark.

7. The CIA used Eminem and AC/DC as an interrogation method.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the CIA received authorization to experiment with many new methods of interrogation, some of them particularly dirty. Among these was the use of music at high volume to crack up the interviewees and get them to throw out everything they know. Among the music used, there would have been Eminem, AC / DC, Bruce Springsteen or Metallica. Like what even with cool artists you can break someone.

8. A heavy metal band sued the US government for using their music in torture sessions

In 2014, the group Skinny Puppy claimed that the United States had used its music to torture Guantánamo detainees without asking their permission or paying them broadcasting rights. As a result, he demanded from the government the sum of $666,000 in compensation. Yes, “666”, like the devil’s number, because it’s still more fun when you’re doing heavy metal.

9. (bonus) I tortured my colleagues with La Kiffance de Naps for a few days

At the rate of about 15 broadcasts of the song per day. I hope they will forgive me one day.

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