Top 8 ticking time bombs in the world that threaten us

You see me sorry, but I’m going to have to talk to you about things that are both depressing and scary. In other words, I’m going to fuck your day with bad news. Because yes, know that the world is in permanent danger. At any moment, something could fall on our face and decimate (or even annihilate) life on Earth. This ticking time bomb can take several forms. It may come from climate change, natural disasters, space phenomena, and even directly from us humans. In short, I explain all this below and apologize in advance for the depression caused. Be strong.

1. Melting permafrost could release tons of not-so-nice gas

Permafrost, to sum it up very roughly (but without insults), is land that has been frozen for a very long time. They are essential to the balance of life on Earth, but the problem is that with this happy global warming, they are melting faster and faster. By doing so (no, not the animal), they can release gases that they have been holding captive for a long time. For example, perfmafrost contains 1700 billion tonnes of carbon which, when released, can be transformed into Co2 and methane, two greenhouse gases. Basically, the melting of the permafrost would lead to a strong acceleration of global warming which would surely be fatal to us. That sucks, huh?

Top 8 ticking time bombs in the world that threaten us

2. Perfmafrost also contains old viruses and bacteria that could fuck up

Frozen soil traps viruses and bacteria and, knowing that the oldest layers of perfmafrost date from millions of years ago, some of these microbes are also extremely old (like much older than your neighbor from the 3rd ). As it melts, the perfmafrost will release these charming micro-organisms, and it may not be pretty at all. To give an idea, in 2016, the corpse of a deer caught in the ice came to the surface in Siberia, and it contained bacteria responsible for the deadly disease anthrax. The corpse contaminated other deer, but also a kid who died. Just that. So now imagine when the melting of the soil will accelerate and old viruses dating back to ten million years will show up unexpectedly. It might not be good jojo because we don’t really know how our body will react to these totally unknown strains. Certainly very badly (without wanting to depress you).

3. Six nuclear bombs were lost by the US military

No, you’re not dreaming: between 1950 and 1968, the American army “lost” weapons capable of killing millions of people. Most were abandoned in the ocean following accidents and one of them is “probably” buried in a field in North Carolina. It’s super reassuring to know that such dangerous stuff lies like that anywhere. Well, afterwards, the American army assures us that the bombs will not explode, but who really trusts the American army?

Top 8 ticking time bombs in the world that threaten us

4. Yellowstone’s super volcano could come back into activity

In the park of Yellowstone is a huge volcano which we do not know exactly when it could erupt. About ten years ago, NASA thought that the probability that it would wake up in our lifetime would be tiny, but more recent surveys tend to bring the date of a next eruption closer (even if it is not no more for tomorrow). And as much to say that it is bad news because the eruption of this super-volcano could project more than 1,000 cubic kilometers of stones and ashes into the atmosphere and cover the territory of the USA with ashes. There is even a possibility that the phenomenon could cause a volcanic winter, drop the Earth’s temperature, destroy heaps of crops and result in the death of at least 90,000 people. All this remains rather vague for the moment, but you have to imagine the thing as a pressure cooker ready to explode and fuck the shit up. To be watched, therefore.

5. The Big One, a good big earthquake

You’ve probably heard of the “San Andreas Fault,” the geological fault where the Pacific and North American tectonic plates meet. Well this place is a zone of strong seismic activity. It should therefore be understood by this that earthquakes are frequent there. But the real problem is that scientists predict a huge earthquake of at least 8 on the Richter scale that could destroy much of California in less than 40 years. We know it’s going to happen, but we just don’t know exactly when. And it will hurt a lot.

6. Solar storms could shut down the internet for weeks

Solar winds constantly come into contact with the Earth, but they are stopped by our magnetosphere, the magnetic field that protects the planet (very nice of him). Except that this magnetosphere has its limits and there are risks that an eruption on the surface of the Sun will create a solar storm that will hit our planet. A priori, we should survive it, but all our electrical devices could be shot, starting with the global Internet. And even if it makes you smile, know that our economy is not at all ready to go without the Internet for several weeks. It would even be catastrophic.

7. Rising waters

Well, this “bomb” is not a surprise, we’ve been talking about it for a while, and since we don’t move our ass on the ecological level, it’s going to happen eventually. According to estimates, the rise in sea level could be around 80cm or even 1m in 2100. Concretely, this would mean that a lot of territories would be covered by water. Among the most in danger, there are Bangladesh, the Netherlands, full of archipelagos, New Orleans, Ho Chi Minh City, Abidjan, Jakarta, Calcutta, Venice… in fact I don’t know why I’m telling you a list because the territories concerned are very numerous. I’m not even talking about population displacements and the conflicts that will result. Ah well yes, I spoke about it at the time.

8. Underwater volcanoes can create large tsunamis

In January 2022, a tsunami hit the Tonga Islands, which happened to be caused by the eruption of an undersea volcano nearby. This is a phenomenon that is likely to happen again and again since there are even more underwater volcanoes than terrestrial volcanoes. Of course, it’s super hard to predict when and where it’s going to happen, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun.

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