Top 8 thrilling studies on air travel, to land less stupid

As soon as we talk about hovering a 60-tonne cabin over an ocean, we are dealing with scientists. No wonder the behaviors and practices surrounding air travel are regulated by square laws. By typing “according to a study, airplane flights…” on Google, we discover a lot of very serious work to explain to us more precisely what we are talking about.

1. You shouldn’t hold back flatulence on the plane

Drop in pressure in the cabin, change in the differential between the inside and the outside of the body, the scientists are adamant: the plane makes you fart. From there, the New Zealand Medical Journal reminds us that holding back from dropping boxes can be very bad for your health, bloating, symptoms of indigestion and heartburn, not to mention the stress that this restraint generates. It is therefore necessary to fart, ideally in economy class (the fabric seats absorb odors better than the leather of the first), especially since between the air conditioning and the noise of the engines, it is guaranteed impunity.

Top 8 thrilling studies on air travel, to land less stupid
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2. You have to buy your tickets the last week of August

The price comparator Skyscanner conducted the investigation: the cheapest tickets are snapped up in the week from August 29 to September 5. Why ? Perhaps because during this period, the summer visitors have no more money, so the demand is ridiculously low. From the following month, potential travelers begin to recover and are ready to spend on plane tickets again.

Good after these tips are out of the pandemic of course. Put yourself in context.

3. Your favorite seat says a lot about you

A study conducted by EasyJet has shown that the choice of the ideal seat in the cabin depends on the nationality of the passengers and their age. The older you are, the closer you tend to get to the corridor (certainly a question of the bladder, but also because you’re bored and don’t care about the landscape), and if the Portuguese love the window, the French are massively disinterested in it. Know that the least requested place is 19C (it’s true that it is crap).

Top 8 thrilling studies on air travel, to land less stupid

4. …but your favorite seat isn’t necessarily the safest

Yes, because that’s all well and good, but in the event of an accident, where should you be to maximize your chances? Researchers said to themselves “damn, there’s only one way to find out!” and put mannequins in a Boeing that they deliberately crashed into a Mexican desert. Besides the fact that we came across a great team of nags, know that it is at the back that the impact is felt the least, the business class taking rather expensive. To be more precise, another study, used statistics on past real crashes to affirm that it is the middle seats of the last rows which are the safest, well wedged between the fan of the window and the amateur of the corridor. .

5. Flying is bad for your health (yes)

The Anglo-Swedish study is careful to put a conditional, but we don’t care, we say things: risk of deep vein thrombosis (we don’t know what it is, but “thrombosis” has the ugly air), circulation disorder, even pulmonary embolism, increased risk of skin cancer due to ultraviolet radiation and dangerous cosmic radiation in high doses. Add to that jet lag, which weakens the immune system and leads to accelerated cell aging. If one day you die, you’ll know it’s because of the plane (we’re not scientists, but we understand it that way).

6. Fear of flying costs society dearly

A dizzying figure relayed by this article in Le Figaro: every year in the world, 10 million business trips are canceled for fear of flying. Employees who are paid a ticket, chicken out and go by train, by car or not at all. Faced with this situation, Air France has been offering an internship for over 20 years to overcome this phobia.

7. Transatlantic flights are longer due to global warming

We suspected that the flights acted on the environment and contributed to global warming. But the converse is true: the University of Reading in the UK has shown that the jet stream, an upper current flowing from west to east, is strengthened and made more tortuous by a higher concentration of carbon dioxide . It means going to New York is going to take longer and require you to buckle up more often. Well done. That’ll teach you to fly when it’s polluting.

8. There’s an “air rage” syndrome, and it’s creepy.

And this phenomenon is more pronounced when the plane has a 1st class. People’s propensity to freak out is more or less contained when everyone is in the same shit. But if you smell cookies in the oven or pull the curtain on a world of insolent luxury, there’s a risk of freaking out.

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