Top 8 Things To Know About Java Night

So yes, on paper, like that, it looks quite nice, like a little old-fashioned tradition with old-fashioned charm. Or a brand new hyper-trendy festival that would play on vintage codes. Well sorry for the fake joy, it has none of that. But if you are about to give birth soon, you will still say thank you after reading this article. And nothing prevents you from reading it in music if that sings to you.

1. It’s nothing like a java

Or else in the very twisted sense of “we’re going to have a party for you, filthy mummy”, by hooligans who are waiting for you in ambush in the thickets. The legend says that the only way to silence the cries of the baby is to shout “Jean-Castex” 3 times in a row, when his hologram appears to intimidate the baby by making him understand that the bamboche is finished. Otherwise, in countries less twisted than France, we simply speak of second night syndrome.

Top 8 things to know about java night

2. She arrives the 2nd or 3rd night after the birth of the newborn

This is the moment when he begins to get restless and ask his mother a lot. Well then, you will tell us, does this solicitation stop one day? Of course not, and this, even once the infant has become a parent in turn and continues to ask his mother to look after his own kids. But to come back to our night of java, we’re talking about a more… thundering solicitation. Take out the earplugs.

Top 8 things to know about java night

3. Just before, the baby slept like a phew

The trap is that right after birth, he sleeps a lot. He gave everything he had to get out of the womb and into the real world where he finds his senses awakening. So after this mini Koh-Lanta, he will recover for 12 to 36 hours in general. There, you no longer feel, of course: “Ah but wait, what are they all complaining about with their baby, it’s a hassle in fact, he sleeps all the time!” ». Except that once the little creature has eaten well and wakes up with a floury face in search of food and all the explanations about this world in which you have expelled it, that’s where you take a lot of money.

4. Mother and baby are in complete opposite moods.

The mother hasn’t slept at all the night before since she is still very excited by what has just happened but also quite under pressure considering what has just fallen on her face. She therefore suffers from the famous Steeve Urkel syndrome: “Did I do that?! (readers who weren’t fed TV series in the 90s, sorry for the ref).

While you are in ecstasy in front of this incredible creature that you have managed to make, said creature happily dozes off. Do you see the fall coming? Oh yeah, here comes the time when you are going to pay. It’s when you finally decide to go to sleep after a big bout of fatigue, a drop in hormones and all the repercussions of childbirth, that your baby begins the festivities or rather… “la java” (with, as an accordion well-honed vocal cords and a very monotonous playlist made of shrill cries).

5. This is where the suction principle comes into place

As you now understand, the newborn, having had a good rest, has the slab especially well. Except that so far, we can say that it fell into his beak without any problem, directly connected as he was to the country buffet via his umbilical cord, swallowing here and there a little amniotic fluid. It is therefore a whole new apprenticeship in the functioning of his mouth that will take place and the little trickster will be particularly greedy, not to say voracious. Because very often when we talk about babies and early childhood, the first to get tired of this little game of breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) every hour, spoiler alert, it won’t be him…

Top 8 things to know about java night

6. There are several ways to calm the infant

We just talked about food and suction (both for the nutritious and soothing side) but generally, as soon as you take it in your arms or skin to skin against you, it’s still much better level decibels in the room. Your two missions will therefore be to feed the baby and protect it from external stimuli: garish neon lights, hospital smells, noises of all kinds, seemingly nothing is quite violent for someone who has spent months and months doing somersaults, cushy in his warm little amniotic fluid.

7. This is completely normal. And knowing it makes you better prepared for it.

Far be it from us to freak you out. Quite the contrary. But mothers who have not been warned will quickly feel helpless, without solutions and quite quickly switch to the dark side of the force. Do you see it coming, this moment when we feel too useless, that we think we will never get there, all that all that? A bit as if you were in the open sea, much too far from the shore, about to drown, when in fact you are just somewhere near Mont Saint-Michel at high tide and in principle, you just need to know the tide times to avoid being trapped…

8. Make sure you are not alone at this time

Ask that the co-parent can sleep with you in the room, even if it’s on an old chair. In general, maternities can keep your child for you for a few hours, while you rest a little. We also advise you to anticipate as much as possible by resting the first night (yes, we know, you won’t because… “I did that?!?!!” But, we will have done our part ). Also try to limit visits the first few days because once again, it’s a lot to take in for the shrimp that has just arrived on dry land.

Basically, there is little chance that you will escape this famous night of java but now that you are well prepared, we know that you will perform. At worst, will you come and tell us your little anecdotes in the comments? We will be united, we promise!

PS: we advise you to read this wonderful book by Renée Greusard which talks wonderfully about this event horrible funny.

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