Top 8 things to know about insect bites in children

Summer is cool, you can swim, eat ice cream with every meal, laze on a deckchair and burn in the sun. Yippee. Except that summer is also the favorite season for biting insects, and even if their goal is not initially to ruin your life and hurt you, well, it still happens. In children, the bites can sometimes take on large proportions, and give somewhat weird reactions. But then, when do we panic?

1. Insects bite to defend themselves or to eat

So, to prevent your kid from being stung by a not very venerable, teach him not to annoy him. Even if the most common reaction when you see a bug land on your melon is to want to put a big uppercut on it, in real life it may just make it want to defend itself, and therefore puncture your skin.

Top 8 things to know about insect bites in children

2. When should you consult in the event of a bite?

If your kid gets stung by a wasp, a bee, a mosquito, a spider, in short, something we wouldn’t really like to invite home, most often it will give a mild reaction. But if you notice fever, difficulty breathing, fainting, swelling, in short if your kid doesn’t seem to be managing the thing: you consult, and quickly.

3. How do you prevent your kid from getting bitten?

For the little ones, there are some tips. Already, you teach him not to panic when he sees a bug. Then, you avoid walking it where there is stagnant water, you also avoid leaving it outside in the evening after dark, and you cover the food if you ever eat outside. It will avoid attracting the nasty beasts.

4. How do we protect the little ones from bites?

There are natural repellents, such as lavender or lemongrass, but also the technique of avoiding wearing dark clothes (mosquitoes prefer), avoiding perfuming your skin, and covering your body. if you ever go for a walk in the middle of nature. If he’s in a stroller, there’s the mosquito net solution, which you can also put around his bed.

5. What if he gets stung by a bee?

First thing if it is still there is to remove the stinger. Don’t do this like a bully, otherwise you risk crushing it and increasing the dose of poison. You can use a card, like your security card, to scratch the stinger gently, and remove it without it crashing down and dealing more damage. Then you disinfect everything. You can also apply a compress with cold water to soothe the pain. And of course, you watch to see if there is any weird reaction.

6. What if he gets bitten by a mosquito?

Not much to do, except clean the bite with soap and water, apply a damp cloth if it itches, too much, and cut your kid’s nails so he doesn’t tear his skin. If on the other hand you want to laugh on the subject we have the best memes on mosquitoes.

Top 8 things to know about insect bites in children

7. How can the itching be soothed?

A damp cloth, a bath with a little baking soda to calm the urge to puncture the skin, creams in pharmacies, there is no shortage of solutions. If it’s really too much, there are also cortisone-based creams, but don’t play doctor, seek the advice of a pro in a pharmacy first.

8. How do I know if he’s having an allergic reaction?

The bite swells and doesn’t calm down, your kid has difficulty breathing, he’s dizzy or even loses consciousness, he’s nauseous or vomiting… In these cases, you shouldn’t hang around, and call a emergency medical help.

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