Top 8 things to know about cannibalism, a cool activity

Hello my little cream puffs. You are so cute that I want to eat you whole.

So let’s go. Salt your hair, coat yourself in sesame oil and marinate yourself for 24 hours in vinaigrette because we’re going to talk about cannibalism, a weird thing that stirs up all our fantasies.

1. Technically cannibalism is not illegal in France

Good news for all those who wanted to test this 100% eco-friendly food. But WATCH OUT! If the act of consuming the finger of a friend who bequeaths it to you with full consent is legal, you will not be able to make a roast with the body of your deceased neighbor. Even if he gave you his consent before passing away. And this for the simple and good reason that it is illegal to harm the integrity of a deceased body. There. So calm down right now.

In summary, if you want to test cannibalism, nothing prevents you from cutting off a piece of thigh and sautéing it in the pan so you don’t piss anyone off.

Top 8 things to know about cannibalism, a cool activity

2. The word “cannibal” comes from a misunderstanding of this boloss of Christopher Columbus

The explorer discovers the island of Hispaniola in 1492 and the Arawak Taino Indians who go with it and whose dialect he does not understand (he had just done English LV1 the idiot). As a result, he thinks that the word “Cariba” designates a neighboring indigenous people. But this people in question keeps the bones of its deceased, but Cri-cri does not see it that way and thinks that the guys are eating each other. He therefore associates the name of this people with cannibalism. “Cariba” is thus derived from the word “Caribbean” and then gave the word “cannibal”. Fascinating, isn’t it?

3. Some artists made cannibalistic performances a bit weird

Michel Journiac, figurehead of body art, performed in a Parisian gallery in 1969 in which he organized a mass where the hosts were replaced by homemade sausage drawn from his own body. VOUALAAAAAAAA.

4. We have already eaten humans as medicine

Mhhhhh yum yum mummy powder as miracle cure, mhhhhhhhhhh human brain, fresh blood, fat, muscle. It’s hard to say for what ills these comical foods were intended but hey, we don’t judge, it was in the period of yesteryear. Like at least a month ago.

5. Charlemagne was the first to write a legal text on the subject

This capitulary, enacted in 789, is stipulated in these terms: “If anyone, deceived by the devil, believes that a woman is a witch who eats men, and that for this he burns her and gives her flesh to eat or eats it himself, he will be punished with the penalty capital city “.

Mouef, it’s above all something not very nice for witches (and therefore girls in fact) but it laid the foundations.

6. Cannibalism and cannibalism should not be confused

We quickly speak of cannibalism at all costs, in reality cases of cannibalism in humans are rather designated as cannibalism, that is to say the consumption of human beings. While we can talk about cannibalism in animals (you will learn for example that tadpoles are big cannibals).

7. Serial killer cannibals fascinate us

Few in number, they are all the same a few to have joined the frightening pantheon of the most creepy cannibals in history, Luka Rocco Magnotta obviously, but also Armin Meiwes otherwise renamed the cannibal of Rotenburg whose story is choupinesque… After having found a hot potato volunteer to eat his ass to death, Meiwes meets this friendly engineer, sleeps with him and tastes his appendix (he’s nice he gives him a taste too). The generous maimed continues to be cut up piece by piece until the last breath. Meiwes was sentenced to life in prison and good news, he became a vegetarian.

And if we have a fascination for these monstrous people, it’s because cannibalism is a taboo in the same way as incest. It is also for this reason that there is no law prohibiting it in France as it is assumed that this act is inconceivable.

8. In history, famine has led to several cases of cannibalism

We then speak of acts of circumstantial cannibalism, that is to say that it is only driven by an instinct for survival. the last cases recorded date from the Soviet famine in 46-47 which mainly affected Western Ukraine and Moldavia. REASSURING.

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