Top 8 things that scare us on planes, but shouldn’t

I’m scared on the plane. I’m not the only one. We are a small group like me to be afraid on the plane. To be terrified, even. But what terrifies us has no tangible anchor. That said, we can always repeat that the plane is the safest means of transport, it does not prevent that, if there is a problem, we will not escape. That’s not why you have to be afraid of EVERYTHING.

1. Stopping identity document checks on boarding

The principle is simple: when you are at the airport and you are not leaving for a Schengen destination, you are checked half a dozen times. To access the boarding area, you must present your identity and your ticket. So then if, in the end, you decide to exchange your ticket with someone who is going to another destination in the same area since the airport zones are based on the destination and you cannot leave these zones, even if it means losing your suitcase, frankly, I don’t think the airlines care and there is NO risk.

2. Turbulence

Turbulence tenses just about everyone. Except that the fear aroused and then the plane effect make them give a tenfold impression: in reality, the plane never moves more than ten centimeters when you feel like you’re falling. Air pockets are related to the temperature difference between the rising air and the falling air. But the plane is designed for that, huh.

Top 8 things that scare us on planes, but shouldn't
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3. Wings that twist a little

You’re next to the window, there’s turbulence, and there, wham, the wing seems to be twisting, as if it were about to come unstuck. No, no and no. The wing will not unhook: the wings are precisely flexible so as not to break and adapt to all situations. So it’s completely normal.

4. All the weird noises

We hear lots of noises. Pongs, pocs, beep beep beep, vrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeuuuuu. But they are completely normal. As we explained here, the passenger cabin is soundproofed: a real technical problem will therefore not cause noise. However, there may be a strange smell.

Top 8 things that scare us on planes, but shouldn't
Picture credits: Topito

5. Turn in circles before landing

It happens, for one problem or another, that a plane on landing approach finally decides to circle around the airport, without anyone knowing why. Panic: they can’t get the train out, right? No. It’s MUCH more likely that those buggers in the control tower mismanaged their traffic and the runways are congested. Or that there is a little too much wind to land and that the wait is precisely justified for safety reasons.

6. Takeoff

Until the 1990s, the danger for planes at low altitude was linked to birds which could possibly damage the reactors. But the new planes solved the problem. More than 30,000 cases of birds stuck in reactors are recorded each year, without this generating the slightest risk. However, the figures on the risks in airplanes are renewed every 30 years, which explains why, statistically, it seems that take-off is a particularly dangerous moment.

Top 8 things that scare us on planes, but shouldn't

7. The impression that the plane is going to turn over

To adjust its trajectory, a pilot must sometimes turn the aircraft. And then everything leans. We can see the ground under the wing and we have the impression that we are going to fall after the plane has turned over. In reality, the curve is very slight and our position distorts reality by giving us the feeling that the plane is almost vertical. But airplane wings are configured to refuse to exceed an angle of 66 degrees.

8. Shocks when landing

The plane pitches to the left, the plane pitches to the right, we are shaken. But it is a normal procedure, initiated by the pilot to maintain the plane’s straight trajectory by raising the nose of the aircraft. So we have the feeling of walking irregularly and accumulating upheavals, but that’s totally normal.

Top 8 things that scare us on planes, but shouldn't

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Sources: Brightside, Medisite

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